make money exercising

You Can Make Money Exercising?!

Say it Ain’t So!

I tell you what guys and gals. I learn new things about couponing and saving money every day. Just today I was browsing facebook and came across an article from my favorite couponing site, The Krazy Coupon Lady which talked about how you can make money exercising. As a loyal fitbit wearer (even though I’m not as active as I was when I began), needless to say, my mind was blown. How could I not know about these amazing apps that I could earn rewards just by doing what I was already doing?

APPS To Help You Make Money Exercising

Basically there are several apps out there that will sync with your fitness tracker, like Fitbit or Jawbone, to reward you based on your activity. If you don’t have a fitness tracker some of them will record your walking or running activity through your phone itself. I won’t go into detail on all of these, but you can read more about each one at KCL’s post here.

make money exercising

Higi Challenge

  1. Walgreens Balance Rewards – earn Balance Rewards from your activity to use in store at Walgreens.
  2. Higi – earn points from exercising activities and checking in at health monitoring stations to redeem on rewards. Also participate in challenges for the chance at winning prizes.
  3. Pact – earn cash for not skipping a workout, but pay up if you miss one.
  4. HealthyWage – Set a wager with yourself or friends, or complete in a challenge for cash prizes.
  5. DietBet – Join a betting pool to potentially win money for losing weight.

One More App to Consider

make money exercising

Achievemint App Dashboard

After I found out about these apps I did some more research and found one more app that is simple to use. Achievemint will reward you points based on your exercising activity. When you earn 10,000 points, then you are rewarded with $10. The nice thing about this app is that it’s really low maintenance. All you have to do is sync it to your fitness trackers and let it accrue points. While it seems like it may take a while to earn 10,000 points, I can’t really complain about earning $10 without doing anything extra than I already was.

Programs No Longer in Use

I also found other fitness programs along the way that have seem to have gone the way of the dodo. FitStudio worked in conjunction with Sears and Kmart to give rewards towards shopping, but has since been discontinued in February ’16. Every Move originally awarded points for rewards, and while it is still active, it no longer doles out rewards. Like anything else, some programs will survive and others won’t.

Personal TakeAway

Since learning about all these apps today I have decided to take advantage of Higi and Achievemint. Normally I would be all about earning rewards for use in a fairly common couponing store like Walgreens, but the fact is there rewards program for couponing never really appealed to me. However, if it is a store you already shop at, you might as well take advantage of their program. Also, it seems to me that if you are pretty active and stick to your regular workouts, you have the potential to earn a decent amount of money from Pact. Or if you think losing money is a good incentive to help you lose weight, then it could be a good motivator.

Are there any apps that you have tried with or without success? Tell us about them in the comments.


make money exercising

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