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8 Best Wedding Registries Benefits


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When a lot of couples get engaged they are super excited to register for some free gifts (believe me, I was, too). But what a lot of couples don’t know is that some registries have better benefits than others. Some of these benefits include free gifts, completion discounts, and rewards programs for more free stuff. However, it is in bad taste to register at every single available store. So here are the 8 best wedding registries benefits, in alphabetical order, to help you decide which ones are best for you:

1. Amazon

I know, I know, I talk about Amazon a lot. But it can’t be denied that Amazon is a behemoth in the online shopping world, so why shouldn’t they have a wedding registry feature? I mean they practically have everything else (including a baby registry which you can read more about in this post). Here are a few of the perks of Amazon’s Wedding Registry:

  • A one time completion discount of 20% for Prime members and 10% for everyone else on items sold by Amazon good for 90 days after your event date.
  • 180 days to return any items gifted from your registry and sold by Amazon.
  • A slew of bonus offers and gifts viewable here.
  • The ability to install the Universal Registry Button on your browser to add any item online to your Amazon Registry (not just items available on Amazon).

2. Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Ah, good ole’ Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Practically the leader in wedding registries these days. Who doesn’t know at least 1 person who registered for their wedding there? And for good reason. Check out BBB’s Wedding Registry perks:

  • one 10% completion coupon for both in store and online good for up to 3 months after your event.
  • Hassle free returns on gift items up to 365 days after purchase.
  • Bridal Freebook which offers multiple bonus gifts viewable here. (But don’t forget to redeem. I realized too late after the fact I actually qualified for a bonus gift, oops.)
  • The Rock Your Registry event that occurs in store and provides couples personal consultants to help create or maintain their registry. In addition the event typically provides snacks and a goody bag to take home. (We also did this one and came out with some decent stuff including a set of KitchenAid utensils.)

3. Crate & Barrel

wedding registries benefits

Crate & Barrel’s weeding registry app

I’m not gonna lie, Crate & Barrel was probably my favorite place that I registered at. I mean look at all the neat kitchen stuff they carry! Not to mention my kitchen is now filled with all of their white serving platters gifted to me from my registry (at surprisingly reasonable prices). And while a physical store may not be available near you, couples can still create a registry online. Here are a few other Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry incentives:

  • A 10% off completion discount good for multiple uses for 6 months after your event. (I actually used this to purchase gifts off of someone else’s registry, too!)
  • Easy and convenient returns within 90 days of purchase.
  • A special gift of 2 Crate & Barrel stemless wine glasses when you register in store. (We took advantage of this and received nice quality glasses.)
  • A bonus gift program including more than 14 brands viewable here.
  • A Private Registry Event that occurs in store just for engaged couples to create their registry – and usually includes drinks and snacks.

4. Kohl’s

If you’re already a Kohl’s fanatic, then this may be the registry for you. On top of some already nice discounts and coupons, the Kohl’s Wedding Registry also offers:

  • A 15% off completion offer good for 3 months after your event.
  • Kohl’s everyday Hassle-Free Returns.
  • Free gift offers viewable here.
  • Automatic enrollment in the Ever-After Rewards program that earns you 10% back in rewards on items purchased from your registry.
  • Announcement cards for your guests that include a 20% off $100 in store purchase from your registry.

5. Macy’s

Macy’s is considered one of the best places to register due to their extensive rewards program. Perks of the Macy’s Wedding Registry include:

  • 20% off completion discount on remaining registry items and 10% off on furniture, mattresses, and rugs good for multiple uses for 6 months after your event.
  • Macy’s everyday Return Policy for returns within 1 year of purchase.
  • An exclusive savings packet available in store viewable here.
  • Macy’s Registry Star Rewards that earns 5%-10% rewards on items purchased from your registry as well as purchases you make in store. (Note: this program requires enrollment for the Macy’s store credit card.)
  • Sip and Scan Registry Events that occur in store to help couples create their registry.

6. Target

Again, Target is one of my favorite places to coupon, well and just to shop period. Because who doesn’t love budget-friendly Tarjay? All the more reason to register there, too. The Target Wedding Registry benefits include:

  • A one time 15% completion discount.
  • Easy returns up to a year after your event.
  • A variety of bonus gifts viewable here.
  • The opportunity for group gifting.

7. Williams-Sonoma

Looking for items that are a little more high-end? Williams-Sonoma has your back. Not only that, but the Williams-Sonoma Wedding Registry has some great perks:

  • A 10% of completion discount good for unlimited uses for 6 months after your event.
  • Williams-Sonoma everyday Return Policy.
  • Several bonus gifts viewable here.
  • Gift cards and returned merchandise credit  that are also good for use at West Elm & Pottery Barn (if you’re also into those stores).
  • Automatic entry into a Monthly Sweepstakes to win everything on your registry up to $1000.
  • The Store is Yours event occurring in store for couples to create their registry with assistance and refreshments.

8. Zola

wedding registries benefits

Zola’s Wedding Registry

Zola is a unique online registry website. Couples are able to add items from Zola’s online collection or any other store, as well as a honeymoon fund and unique experiences. Pretty much anything the couple wants to register for. Other benefits of Zola Wedding Registry include:


So which wedding registry are you most excited for?


wedding registries benefits






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