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The Couponing Site That Changed My Life

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Why I Love This Couponing Site

When I first started my couponing journey I came across The Krazy Coupon Lady, and let me tell you it changed my life. As one of the top couponing sites that pops up in the google search, KCL (as I will refer to it going forward) had it all. Not only did it teach me the basics of “extreme” couponing, it actually helped me find the deals, too. Awesome! As I looked for ways to streamline my couponing process, I still find that I rely on KCL quite a lot to help me save time. Why would I want to do all the work myself when this site has numerous people to do it for me? And as time has gone on they have added more features that I have found to be equally beneficial. I highly suggest you check KCL out, and to help you I have outlined some tips on navigating the site below. (As a disclaimer, KCL is not paying me to promote their site. I truly love to use and rely on this site for my own personal couponing).

Navigating KCL

When going to the KCL home page you will see the site’s header menu which includes a link to learn more about extreme couponing and below that a photo of the Krazy Coupon Ladies themselves promoting their new app – which I talk about below. Below that you will see some featured deals as well as some instructional videos and top coupons of the day. And further down you will see the most recent deals posted on the site. Feel free to browse around here as you may come across something fun! But what I will be focusing on will be the menu options at the top of the page.

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KCL Home Page Menu


First off you have the little home icon which will always bring you back to the home page if you get lost. Then you have the Stores menu option. By hovering your mouse over Stores it will bring up a sub menu of all the major stores that they post deals for.

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KCL Stores Menu

From here you can click on each individual store to bring up it’s own personal page. For the purpose of this exercise I will click on the Target page. You can see here at the top of the page a short description of Target as a store. This includes the type of retailer they are, the type of coupons that are available and accepted, and the sales cycle of their ad

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Target description

Further down underneath the featured deals again is a black menu with several options. Here you can view the weekly matchup, the 101 of couponing at the store, the store’s coupon policy, as well as any additional relevant information regarding couponing at the store – in this case the Target cartwheel app, and any relevant videos.

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Target Menu

By default the matchup menu will automatically show up on the page. At the top of the page you will see the weekly ad and underneath it all of the possible relevant coupon matchups to each promotion listed in the add. Sometimes these will be organized by category such as grocery, health & beauty, baby, etc, and sometimes it will just be organized in order by how they are listed in the physical advertisement.

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Target Matchup

You will also find that in order to view all of the matchups you will have to click on the READ MORE button and the rest of the matchups will populate underneath.

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Read More Button

Sometimes there will be listed a recommended matchup for a deal which will be enclosed in a box like below. You can see that a couple of the coupons are struck through which means that they are expired and no longer available to use.

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Recommended Matchup

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