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How to Master Target Couponing

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What’s So Great About Target COuponing?

Target is another couponing store that can be great for saving. I would probably rank it second on my list of favorite couponing stores? Though at the moment it is at the top since we have moved and no longer have access to CVS. (Ironically enough all the pharmacies at the Targets in my area are run by CVS. They recently made a deal to house CVS pharmacies in their stores. I just wish I could use my Extrabucks there…). Anyway, Target couponing can be great way for beginner couponers to start because they offer a great many stacking opportunities that can result in significant savings.

Target Store Coupons

Target couponing

Target App Coupons Screenshot

Target offers store coupons through the weekly ads, newspaper inserts, through the mail, and online. Coupons in the inserts will be marked specifically with a Target logo meaning you can only use them at Target. Target offers both store and manufacturer coupons online, but they will be specified as to which type of coupon that it is and you can only print 2 per computer. In addition, you can access coupons through the Target mobile app on iTunes and Google Play store. Many times these coupons are the same as in the weekly Target ad, so if you lose the ad or forget the coupon, you can still pull it up on your phone in the store. Target used to also send store coupons via text, however they have recently streamlined this into their store app and Cartwheel app, which I talk about more below. Target allows 1 store coupon to be stacked with a manufacturer coupon per item meaning you cannot use an online store coupon with a mobile coupon on the same item.

Target Cartwheel App

Target couponing

Target Cartwheel App Screenshot

The Cartwheel app is a relatively recent addition to the Target repertoire of coupons. Target will post additional savings opportunities on the cartwheel app which you can then choose to add to your list. The app creates a specific barcode for you on your phone which can be scanned at the register at checkout. The great thing about cartwheel is that these deals can be used in conjunction with the store coupons, which means you can use a mobile coupon and cartwheel on the same item. They also recently have added a feature where you can scan items in your shopping cart with the app to see if there are any correlating cartwheel deals. This comes in handy while in store so that you don’t have to search to see if as specific item has a cartwheel deal that can be used. I really love this app and like to use it even when I’m not on a couponing trip. You never know what kind of discounts you can receive that you didn’t even know about.

Target Gift Card Promotions

Target couponing

Target Gift Card Promotion

Target offers some type of gift card promotion in their ad nearly every single week. These promotions typically require you to purchase a specific amount of product in order to receive a gift card. A very common gift card promotion is to buy 2 packs of diapers to receive a $10 gift card. I personally like to roll gift cards from trip to trip to help lower my out of pocket cost at the register. Since the gift cards do not expire, you do not have to worry about using them within a certain amount of time, and they give you a little more flexibility in how you choose to use them in your couponing escapades.

Target Clearance

Target Couponing

Target Clearance Sticker

Target has great clearance deals year round. Typically clearance items will be marked on a specific shelf towards the back of the aisles and marked with a red clearance tag. You can actually use manufacturer coupons on clearance items to make the cost even lower, though this takes more time to prepare and you will probably have to bring your coupon binder into the store with you. But even without coupons, you can still score some great deals on items. I usually like to browse the clearance section and occasionally Target will offer cartwheel deals specifically for clearance – normally cartwheel cannot be used on clearance items.

Target RedCard

In addition to all of these discount opportunities, Target also offers their REDcard to shoppers. The REDcard comes with several benefits including an extra 30 days on returns on items purchased with the card, free shipping when purchasing on, and my personal favorite – an extra 5% off ANY purchase. This includes clearance and mark down purchases as well as on purchases made with coupons. Note: the 5% will be taken off the final price of the item after all coupons have been applied. 5% doesn’t necessarily seem like much, but when it’s a guaranteed 5% off every time, this can be very helpful in your Target couponing. Now, I don’t normally push for store credit cards, nor do I like to apply for them myself, but the great thing about REDcard is that it is now offered as a debit card. This means it comes straight out of your bank account just like a normal debit card and doesn’t have any of the hassle that store credit cards can carry with them.

Target Couponing Example

Target couponing

To give a concrete example of the type of savings that can be achieved, take a look at the matchup above. Here I can buy 2 Little Remedies at the regular price of $11.99 each. I can use 2 manufacturer coupons from the newspaper, print off 2 Target store coupons from online, and use a 20% Cartwheel promotion. In addition I receive a $5 gift card, so I could use a $5 gift card I already have to make my out of pocket cost at the register only $3.69 each. Plus, if I use my REDcard I’ll save an extra 5% off. That’s a total savings of 71%.


It is important to know a store’s coupon policy. You can view Target’s policy here. I highly recommend that you visit the Target page at KCL to get an even more in-depth view about couponing at Target.

I hope that now you have learned enough about Target couponing to go out there and try it for yourself. Go see how much you can save!


target couponing


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