couponing break

10. Take a Couponing Break

It’s Time to Take A Couponing Break

This is my most valuable piece of advise to my fellow couponers. Take a couponing break. Whenever you start to do something for too long you start to get burnt out. And if you feel you can never quit then it starts to become a burden instead of a fun hobby. Don’t let it become that for you. Don’t get so wrapped up in it that it starts to take over your life. There is balance in everything and couponing is no exception. Repeat after me:

“It’s ok to take a break”

And it’s ok to take a break whenever you want or need to. Don’t think you have to follow a schedule (though I find 3 weeks on 1 week off is a good general year round balance). But again, coupon when it’s convenient for you. Go on vacation for two weeks. Go on, go ahead. So you miss a few deals, big whoop. There will be others. If you don’t find any deals you want to partake of, then don’t go shop that week. There’s no need to go buy things you don’t need just because you can get them for cheap. If you’re tired, really busy, or just can’t focus on it, then don’t sweat it. You can always pick back up. That’s the beauty of couponing, they will always be around (knock on wood).

Now is the time for my new fellow fast couponers to join the world. Show them how easy it can be and how to make couponing fit their own lifestyles and not the other way around. Go out there and make me proud.



couponing break


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