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How to Use Cartwheel in the Target App


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 What is Cartwheel?

Cartwheel is a program designed exclusively for use at Target stores. In a nutshell it allows users to redeem additional discounts on in store products that otherwise would not be offered. Previously it was offered through its own app, but now the program has been fully integrated into the normal Target store app. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Cartwheel can also be managed online on your home computer. It is both free to download and use. Cartwheel is an essential part of a comprehensive Target couponing strategy (read more about that here). For the purposes of this post, we will be focusing on how to use Cartwheel in the updated Target store app. To learn how to use Cartwheel online, the instructions in this post have not changed.

Getting Started

cartwheel target app

Cartwheel sign in/sign up

Getting started is easy. Users can either download the Target store app to their iOS or Android phones, or sign up right online at this link. You can now only sign in with your existing Target login or create a new account (previously you could also use a facebook or google login). To sign in on the app, simply tap the sign in icon on the bottom menu and then tap “sign in” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Or you may tap the barcode icon on the bottom menu and sign in from there. Once you are completely signed up through either the app or online, your account can be accessed through either medium. If a change is made in one place, it will automatically be updated in the other. In other words you can freely interchange between the app and online.

Adding Offers

cartwheel target app

Target app home screen

cartwheel target app

Cartwheel offer categories

Cartwheel has a variety of “offers” available for users to add to their account. The offers range from nearly every department in store and typically start at 5% off and will go up to about 50% off, though sometimes they will be even higher discounts. To view Cartwheel offers, tap “cartwheel by category” on the home screen of the Target store app. The offers will be sorted by different departments. Tapping on any of the department options will bring up all the offers which you may browse.


cartwheel target app

Cartwheel offer search

If you would like to search for specific offers, you may tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner of the categories page. Make sure the “cartwheel” search option is highlighted and type in your desired search. You may also search by tapping the magnifying glass at the top of the home screen on the app and searching in the same manner.

Previously users were limited to the number of offers they could add to their account based on completing badges. That feature is no longer active and all users may add up to 50 offers on their account at a time.

cartwheel target app

List of available offers

Once you determine the offer/s you want to add, simply tap the plus sign on the offer to add it to your account. Once added, offers can be removed by tapping the check mark on the offer. Do note that offers do expire and the expiration can be clearly seen by tapping on the offer itself.

cartwheel target app

Specific offer details

Cartwheel offers typically can only be used for purchases in store unless the offer explicitly states it can be used for online purchases. One Cartwheel offer can be combined and used in conjuction with a manufacturer coupon and Target store coupon per item (along with any gift card deals and REDcard (read more about REDcard here) on the entire transaction). A single Cartwheel offer can be used on up to 4 qualifying items per transaction. Some offers are actual manufacturer dollar off coupons and can only be used once period – the offer will explicitly state this.

Viewing Your Offers

cartwheel target app

List of saved offers

Once you have your offers added, you can easily view all of your offers. Simply tap the “list” icon in the bottom menu and select the “cartwheel offers” option. All of the offers you have added that are currently active will be shown. Any offers you no longer want can easily be removed by tapping the X. At the top of this screen, it will also show you how many offers you currently have saved and how many offers you may still add to your account.

Checking Out

cartwheel target app

Personal cartwheel barcode

Once you have all your offers added and are ready to check out, you redeem them with a unique barcode. The barcode can be obtained by tapping the “barcode” icon in the bottom menu. Your barcode will appear and can be scanned during checkout straight from the app. You also have the ability to scan your barcode at the self checkouts. Do note that only 1 cartwheel barcode may be scanned per transaction and you are limited to only 6 transactions per day with cartwheel barcode scans. You can also view your current offers by tapping “view my offers” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. In addition it shows the number of offers you currently have saved.

cartwheel target app

available store coupons

You might also notice that the barcode tab shows available store coupons at the bottom of the screen. These coupons can be scanned separately and redeemed within the same transaction. To gain access to these coupon’s barcode, simply swipe up to view the first coupon and swipe left to view any additional coupon offers. Do note that your unique user barcode and each coupon barcode must be scanned separately – the store coupons are not automatically added to your unique user barcode.

Other Fun Features

cartwheel target app

scanning tool

One of the best features I feel the app provides is the scanning tool. This tool allows you to scan any item barcode while in the store. It will then display the item and its current in store price as well as any available cartwheel offers for that item (which you can then tap and immediately add to your account for use at checkout). If there are no available cartwheel offers, it will say so and also show available offers for similar products. This is great for impromptu in store shopping.

cartwheel target app

suggested similar offers

You can access the barcode scanner by tapping the barcode picture on the top of the home screen. It is also available through the search options by tapping “scan a barcode” at the bottom of the search screen. In addition it can also be accessed by tapping the barcode picture at the top right on the “list” screen.

To learn more about the ways to coupon at Target, visit this post. Plus, be sure to view this post on the 5 best features of the Cartwheel app which are still applicable to the now integrated program.


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coupon for diapers

6 Best Places to Coupon for Diapers


Disclosure: This site may receive commissions for products and services purchased through affiliate links in this post

Of all the baby expenses out there, diapers are most definitely the most prominent. And unless you’re using cloth diapers (I say more power to you!) then you are always going out and buying diapers and praying for the day your child is potty trained. And we all know diapers are not cheap either. But what can we do? We gotta buy those suckers. Luckily with couponing we can effectively cut those diaper costs in half! (We can also save for baby in other ways in this post.) Here are the 6 best places to coupon for diapers (in no particular order).

coupon for diapers


Target can be a great place to coupon for diapers. They frequently run gift card deals in their weekly ad on big boxes of the major brands of diapers like Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs nearly every week. Plus, they are known to throw in some of their Up & Up brand and even Honest Company every now and again. They also will frequently include store coupons that will get you gift cards for spending thresholds on baby items. Use these deals on top of any manufacturer coupons, cartwheel deals, and REDcard (just another reason why you need REDcard).  And on the cartwheel note, their perks frequently include redemptions for diapers or wipes (learn more about cartwheel here and here). To learn more about couponing at Target visit this post.


CVS is another store that frequently runs promotions on baby items. These include jumbo packs of the major brands Huggies and Pampers. By stacking manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and Extrabucks, you can significantly reduce your diaper costs. You can learn more about the ins and outs of CVS couponing here.


I know, no one likes shopping at Walmart, but we can’t ignore the fact that they offer some of the lowest prices around, even on baby items. Use manufacturer coupons on the major brands, as well as price matching and their Saving Catcher App to make sure you’re always getting the lowest price. Read here for more tips about couponing at Walmart.

Rite Aid

Rite Aid will frequently run promotions on their baby items making it easy to get cheap jumbo packs of Pampers, Huggies, or their Tugaboos store brand. Of course use manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and Plenti points to score these great deals. Read more about Rite Aid couponing in this post.


Walgreens is yet another pharmacy that offers great diaper deals. Stack manufacturer coupons, store coupons, balance rewards points, and register rewards on jumbo packs of Huggies and Pampers. Plus they offer great deals on a variety of other baby essentials. See this post for more on couponing at Walgreens.


For the online shopper, Amazon is THE place for diapers. Members of Amazon Prime can enroll in Amazon Family for free. This essentially saves you 20% on any diaper subscription offered through Amazon Subscribe & Save. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that online. And if you don’t have a Prime membership you can still take advantage of the low online prices Amazon offers (psst, family members can give you the gift of Prime). To learn more about Amazon Prime and Subscribe & Save read here and here.

And for more help on finding the best baby deals every week, I highly recommend checking out‘s up to date baby deals here which includes a weekly baby supplies roundup.


coupon for diapers


coupon at walgreens

How to Coupon at Walgreens


Today I’m rounding out my series on the big 5 couponing stores with a post on Walgreens. (Click on the links for previous posts on Target, CVS, Walmart, and Rite Aid.) Now, I admit, I don’t coupon here much at all. This is really just a personal preference though. Many people have found great success in couponing and finding deals at their local Walgreens. And it may be that it’s just convenient for you. Overall, I’d say couponing at Walgreens is similar to couponing at CVS, but there are a few more rules to follow. Without further ado, here’s how to coupon at Walgreens.

Balance Rewards Card

coupon at walgreens

First things first, you will need a Balance Rewards Card. You can sign up for this online or in store. Being enrolled in this program is the only way to get sale prices and earn rewards. Customers can earn rewards on items they buy including prescriptions and photos. Here’s a breakdown of how to earn points:

  • Earn 10 everyday points per every $1 spent on most items. You must add this perk to your Walgreens balance rewards summary online (or in the app). Once added you do not have to add it again.
  • Earn 100 points per 30 day supply prescription picked up in store (or 300 points per 90 day prescription).
  • Earn 100 points per immunization received at the store.
  • Earn extra bonus points on select in ad promotions each week. An example might be 8000 points on the purchase of two shampoos.
  • Add additional members only perks in your account summary. An example might include 5x points on $10 spent. These perks differ weekly and must be individually activated each week.
  • Redeem points booster coupons from the weekly ad. These coupons are similar to the members only perks online.
  • Sign up for free to become a Beauty Enthusiast and earn 5000 points per $50 spent on beauty products. Plus receive a digital coupon for 20x everyday points when you sign up.
  • Earn points by working out! Sign up for the free Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices and earn 20 points for every mile you walk, run, or cycle with your activity tracker. Read my post about this program here.

When you have earned 5000 points, you can then redeem them for a $5 reward at the register. But you can save them up for better redemptions if you choose. Points can be redeemed for rewards as below:

  • 5000 points = $5
  • 10000 points = $10
  • 18000 points = $20
  • 30000 points = $25
  • 40000 points = $50

As long as you use your balance rewards card at least once every 6 months, your Balance Rewards points will not expire for 3 years! Points also post to your account instantly. This means that you can potentially roll points from transaction to transaction. Most of the time you can use points and earn points in the same transaction. For instance, if the promotion includes purchases a specific number of products, like Buy 2 Get 1000 points, you should have no problem. However, it gets tricky when the promotion involves a dollar threshold, like Spend $12 Get 5000 points. In this case you have to spend more than the threshold amount in order to use points on that transaction.

Plus, there is no limit to the amount of points that you earn, so you can stock up on items and receive points for every item. As a quick tip, everyday points will be earned on the total amount before manufacturer coupons, but after Walgreens store coupons are applied.

ManufactuRer Coupons

Walgreens will accept both online and circular manufacturer coupons. 1 manufacturer coupon may be used per item. They do not state a limit of the amount of identical coupons that can be used in the same transaction (though be aware your coupon might). It is also important to know that Walgreens will only accept 1 manufacturer coupon on Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotions. This means you cannot use a coupon on the free item in the promotion, but you can on the purchased item. Also, Walgreens will not accept manufacturer coupons that exceed the price of the item. For example you cannot use a $3 off coupon on an item that costs $2.99. They won’t even adjust the coupon down to prevent overage, so don’t even bother.

Store Coupons

coupon at walgreens

Load-to-Card Coupons in the Walgreens app

Walgreens offers a variety of different types of store coupons. Per their coupon policy 1 store coupon may be used per item (in addition to a manufacturer coupon) unless it’s a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion like above. Store coupons you might find include:

  • Coupons printed in the weekly ad – these coupons carry a limit of usually 2-4 items, meaning you can use the same coupon on up to the stated limit.
  • Monthy Savings Book Coupons – each month Walgreens will put out a savings booklet available at the front of the store. These coupons do not have a threshold, so you can use the same coupon on unlimited amount of items – it only needs to be scanned once. Plus, you do not have to meeting a item threshold, meaning if you have a coupon for $1 off 4, you can still use the coupon on 1 item and get $.25 off.
  •  Health Booklet Coupons – these are typically found near the health and pharmacy sections and coupons are usually good for up to 1 year.
  • Load-to-Card Coupons – the Walgreens app includes many of the weekly ad and monthly savings book coupons as well as some manufacturer coupons. These can be loaded to your balance rewards card and automatically deducted at the register. You can load up to 100 coupons at a time.
  • Catalina Coupons – these vary by day and person, but typically can be used on your next transaction.

Register Rewards

coupon at walgreens

A sample Register Reward

Finally, there are Register Rewards. These are store credit like coupons that are printed on your receipt and can be used on your next transaction. Promotions for Register Rewards are typically advertised in ad and store. An example might include receive $1 Register Reward with the purchase of 1 body wash. Register Rewards will typically expire in 2 weeks from the printed date.

Only 1 Register Reward can be earned per promotion per transaction. Meaning you can earn the same reward on a 2nd transaction, but not earn 2 within the same transaction. Do be aware though that the rewards will not roll from transaction to transaction. This means you cannot earn a Register Reward  on a promotion in the 1st transaction, use it on a 2nd transaction for the same promotion and expect to get the Register Reward again. In most cases it is better to save your Register Rewards and roll them from trip to trip.

Register Rewards can be used in combination with manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and Balance Rewards Points. Be aware though that the register will identify a Register Reward as a manufacturer coupon. And according to Walgreens policy you must have a matching item for each coupon. This means you cannot purchase 4 items and use 4 manufacturer coupons plus a Register Reward – the register will beep and not accept all of them. Luckily you can combat this by buy a filler item. A filler item is basically any cheap item, ideally $1 or less that the register can tie with your Register Reward.

Walgreens Stacking Example

coupon at walgreens

In the above example, purchasing 2 Children’s Zyrtec will yield 5000 Balance Rewards Points. Combine that with 2 x $4/1 Zyrtec coupons from Rolling 5000 Balance Rewards Points from previous trips will make this $4.49 each. And if you have a Register Reward, you can purchase a filler item and get even more savings.

Walgreens Coupon Policy and Other Information

It is important to know a store’s coupon policy. You can view Walgreens’ policy here. I highly recommend that you visit the Walgreens page at KCL to get an even more in-depth view about couponing at Walgreens. They even have a comprehensive list of current Monthly Savings book coupons here and Filler Items here.


coupon at walgreens




I Tried BzzAgent

What Is BzzAgent?

BzzAgent (pronounced Buzz Agent) is a sample website that allows users to voluntarily participate in word of mouth campaigns about various products in Brazil, Canada, the UK, and of course the US. When a campaign for a particular product is available to the user based on matching profile requirements, the user can opt in to the campaign and receive the product for free in exchange for their review, opinion, and other word of mouth social media activities.

How Does It Work?

BzzAgent is free to join and is open to any person living in one of the regions mentioned above. Upon joining, users are encouraged to complete their profile and answer the available surveys to help match them to available campaigns (that is products available for review). Each survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete (in my experience about 1 minute a piece) so it is not a huge time commitment. Completing surveys and fully completing campaigns also helps boost the user’s BzzScore which in turn helps the user to receive more campaign invites.


The first test campaign they send to all new members

When a user is matched to a campaign they will receive an email invite which they may or may not choose to join. Upon joining, BzzAgent will then send the sample products to the user to test. When the campaign has officially launched, the user has about 8 weeks to complete the campaign activities regarding the product they received. Activities range from product reviews, word of mouth campaigns via facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc., as well as just talking to your neighbor about the product. Completion of activities are rated on the quality of the user’s submission. Typically quality outranks quantity of activities completed (meaning users are not obligated to complete all activities available). Then at the end of the campaign users are asked to fill out a short survey regarding the product.

Users are never obligated or pressured to join any campaign. Also, technically users are not obligated to complete any activity of any campaign they join, however this may prevent them from being invited to any future campaigns. For more info on the finer details see the FAQs here.

Is It Worth Having?


The Barilla Gluten Free pasta I made

This is kinda arbitrary and dependent on the person. If you have no interest in trying free products and samples, then this won’t be for you. If, however, you would enjoy the chance to try new items and spread the word about it, then completing a few activities in exchange for a free item is a pretty small price to pay.

Are there Any Cons?

In the grand scheme of things, not really. Occasionally it can be difficult to purposefully find the time to actually try the product and complete some of the activities. Plus, it is helpful to keep up with the available surveys on the site which takes some extra time every so often. But since a user is always able to pass on any campaign invite, there is a pretty low obligation factor for being a member.

HOw Has It Worked For Me?

So far I have to say I’ve liked it. I joined about 7 months ago and have participated in 3 full campaigns. These have included a Venus razor, Barilla Gluten Free pasta, and Alexia waffle fries. Each campaign has varied somewhat. For instance, the Venus razor campaign required me to write reviews on Amazon but nothing else. With the Barilla Gluten Free pasta, I received a box of goodies including 2 full boxes of pasta, plus a coupon for another free box. And with the Alexia waffle fries, I received only 2 coupons for free bags of waffle fries (this is because they are frozen products) and a handful of discount coupons to disperse to others.


The Venus razor I received, my first full campaign

Overall, it has been easy to test the products and write well thought out reviews and activities. I have been able to easily complete 3-4 social media activities (they usually let you do each one up to 2 times, so I only completed the facebook and twitter ones). The only hardship I came across was with the waffle fries. Due to chance, I received the campaign just as I was starting a diet that would not allow me to actually eat them. Luckily there was one activity that only required me to post a video talking about the fries that I was able to complete. Then once the campaign was over I served the fries at our super bowl party and they were tasty.

I definitely plan on continuing completing any campaign invites I may receive in the future and have fun testing out the products.




I Tried Target Beauty Box


Disclosure: This site may receive commissions for products and services purchased through affiliate links in this post.

What Is the Target Beauty BoX?

Target currently offers their own beauty box monthly to their customers. The boxes contain various sample sizes of beauty related items that Target normally offers for sale in full size. These boxes have been available for a while now as a way to compete with the popular beauty box subscriptions.

How Does It Work?

Basically, purchasing the beauty box is very simple. Unlike being a subscription where you are locked in for a certain time period, Target offers their box once a month for purchase (usually at the beginning of the month). Every month the boxes come with different samples (sometimes full size items). All of the items included are listed so that you know exactly what you are getting before you choose to purchase. Each box usually costs around $7, but can vary between $5-$10 depending on what is in them that particular month. Occasionally, there will be more than one box to choose from (including male specific boxes) where you can choose one or the other, or both.

Boxes always ship for free, though tax is added on. Boxes can also be purchased with your REDcard to save an additional 5% (read more about REDcard here). Plus, any applicable online coupons may be applied to the purchase. The boxes always come with a Target coupon for beauty or personal items (usually $5 off $15), and these coupons can typically be applied to future beauty box purchases.

Is it Worth Having?

Well, this is a pretty subjective question. It really depends on how valuable you find the prospect of an inexpensive beauty box. Overall the items in the box usually represent a good value for the price you pay. Personally, I find them pretty handy. They can make good gifts for that beauty fanatic in your life, or you can just save the sample sized items to use when you travel (I do this with the men’s boxes for my husband). Plus, I do enjoy getting a box of goodies in the mail every now and then.

target beauty box

A few examples of items I have received in past boxes. These are now in my travel stash.

I would say the best perk is the fact that you can pick and choose which months you would like to buy. So if you don’t like the items included that particular month, you are not obligated to purchase. It is also very “no strings attached.” You either purchase the box, or don’t.

Are there Any Cons?

Considering the fact that there is no obligation in purchasing, I would say there is really only 1 con. Typically the more popular boxes tend to sell out very quickly, like in a matter of hours. However, there is a solution to this problem.

Personally I recommend to set up an alert with to notified by email of when the new box has been released. This allows you to opportunity to purchase before it sells out and you didn’t even know it was available. Plus, they will normally notify you when it appears a new box will be released within the next few days as well.

Other than that, the only issue you might encounter is if you purchase an unpopular box at full

price. Less popular boxes will tend to be marked down at some point before the next box is released to help move inventory. Again the alerts on will typically notify you of any markdowns.

At the moment the February 2017 box is still available. Feel free to check it out here if you are interested.


target beauty box