gifts for couponers

Top 4 Gifts for Couponers


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Ah, it’s the time of year where gift giving is abundant. But what do you get for the couponer or money saver in your life? Or maybe, you’re the couponer, but you’re not sure what would be good to ask for. Personally, I love to ask to for those things that aid me in my money saving endeavors. Here are the top 4 gifts for couponers and couponing.

1. Amazon Prime

I rave about Amazon Prime for couponing. How could I not? The fact is that is comes with more benefits than just the free 2 day shipping (read all about Amazon Prime benefits here). But I totally understand not wanting to pay the $99 yearly membership fee for access to these great benefits. That’s why it makes a great gift to give or ask for. Plus, when you Give the Gift of Prime, the subscription automatically cancels after 1 year. There are no automatic renewals to worry about. And if your recipient already has Prime, they have the option of exchanging the gift for an gift card (read more about exchanging here).

Not prepared to shell out or ask for the whole $99? Totally understandable. But you can still contribute towards a Prime subscription by gifting an gift card. While users cannot use gift cards to subscribe to Prime on their own account, they can, however, use gift cards to Give the Gift of Prime to themselves. Users simply send the gift to themselves for redemption (it works, I’ve done it).

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards are kind of a no brainer for anyone. But as a couponer I always like to ask for gift cards to the stores I like couponing at, for example CVS or Target. Receiving these gift cards helps to support my “habit.”

gifts for couponers

A great way for gifting gift cards is to purchase them at a discount through a site like Raise. Raise is a marketplace for people to sell their unused gift cards at a discount to others who may want them. If this option interests you, you can use this link to receive $5 off your first purchase. You can also learn more about Raise in this post.

3. Sunday Newspaper Subscription

gifts for couponers

Every couponer knows that the best coupons come in the Sunday newspaper. And unfortunately, that newspaper is not free. This is why gifting a Sunday paper subscription is a great option for the couponer in your life. And if they already have a subscription? I don’t know any couponer that would refuse the opportunity for a free extra subscription for the benefit of getting extra coupons every week (myself included). You can look through options of discounted newspaper subscriptions online here.

4. CosTCO or Sam’s Club Membership

gifts for couponers

While I personally do not utilize a warehouse store membership myself, that doesn’t mean there are not great deals to be had there. For instance, you can read here about some of the best items to get at Costco. Plus, these stores typically offer big discounts on electronics, prescriptions, and of course gasoline. And if you think you or your money saving friend could benefit from a membership, then it’s a great gift! Costco offers their Gold Star gift membership for $55, and Sam’s Club offers their gift membership for $45. Both of these can be purchased online and redeemed in store by the recipient.


gifts for couponers


couponing at walmart

Tips for Couponing at Walmart


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I know, I know. Nobody likes shopping at Walmart. It’s busy and crowded, and sometimes the hassle just isn’t worth it. Despite these things, however, Walmart not only offers some of the lowest prices, but has policies in place to make those prices even lower than they already are. I admit that even I avoid shopping at Walmart when I can, but other people don’t always have a choice because let’s face it, there’s a Walmart in nearly every town. So in all fairness to those out there that shop at what many consider to be the most dreaded store in America, here are tips to maximize your savings with couponing at Walmart.

Price Matching

Update: As of 6/9/16 Walmart has discontinued ad price matching at select stores in lieu of offering lower prices. Stores will have signage if price matching is no longer available. Price matching to is still available. USA, LLC

What some people may not realize is that Walmart will price match competitor’s ads, both in-store and online. And if you forgot the print ad, the cashier can look it up for you. When price matching Walmart will only accept advertisements that list a specific price for the item and the item must be identical to what Walmart sells and has in stock. This includes Percentage Off and Buy One Get One Free promotions – these promotions must list a specific price for the item. They will not accept closeout ads, private brand price matching, receive a gift card with purchase promotion, Walmart Marketplace or auctions, or instant rebates. You can find Walmart’s price matching policy online here.

Manufacturer Coupons

Walmart will accept manufacturer coupons including circular and online coupons. The coupons must state “manufacturer coupon”, be legible, have a valid expiration date and remit address for the manufacturer, and have a scannable barcode. They will accept circular coupons for free items, but will not accept online coupons for free items that do not require a purchase.

Competitor Coupons

Since Walmart does not offer it’s own store coupons, it will accept competitor’s coupons! These also include competitor’s catalina coupons. Coupons must have a specific price and catalina coupons must state “manufacturer coupon.” They will not accept coupons for a specific price or percentage off the entire purchase, a specific price off at a specific retailer, percentage off coupons, or double or triple value coupons.

Stacking Promotions USA, LLC

Walmart will only allow 1 coupon per item. This means that you cannot use both a competitor coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item. However, to get the best deals you can still stack a price match with a manufacturer or competitor coupon plus any potential rebates. It is also important to know that the corporate coupon policy states that “Store Managers have the final decision in taking care of the customer.” This means that any and all coupon acceptance is at the discretion of the manager. Be aware that the register will beep and require supervisor verification for the following instances:

  • 4 or more like coupons per transaction.
  • A coupon of $5 and over.
  • $50 or more in coupons in one transaction.
  • Coupons totaling a percentage off of the total sale.

Coupon Overage

couponing at walmart

Walmart is one of the only stores that actually allows coupon overage! This means that if you purchase a product for $.75 and use a $1 coupon, Walmart will actually pay you the $.25 overage amount or apply it to the balance of your transaction. Ka-ching! And in case you’re a little skeptical of this, the corporate coupon policy explicitly states, “If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.”

Savings Catcher App

couponing at walmart

Walmart has their Savings Catcher App that can help you to score the best current price whenever you shop at the store. Simply upload your Walmart receipt into the app and the app will search for local store’s prices to ensure that you have received the best price possible. If a lower price is found elsewhere, you get the difference in the form of a Walmart eGift card. You can upload up to 7 Walmart receipts per week and earn back up to $600 a year.

Rain Checks

If a sale item is out of stock, customer service will issue a rain check for that item. Not only that, but they will call you when it is back in stock. They will not issue rain checks for price matching, items specified as “while supplies last” or “limited quantities”, or items that are not carried at that particular store. Read more about rain checks here.

Price Adjustments

If you find Walmart has lowered the price of the item, you can return to the store within 7 days for a price adjustment. This does not apply to clearance or deep discounts like Black Friday.

Walmart’s Coupon Policy and Other information

It is important to know a store’s coupon policy. You can view Walmart’s policy here. I highly recommend that you visit the Walmart page at KCL to get an even more in-depth view about couponing at Walmart.


couponing at walmart


save on pet supplies

5 Ways to Save on Pet Supplies


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Save on pet Supplies

We all know the costs for caring for and owning a pet can be expensive. Luckily, we can coupon for pet supplies just like we do for groceries and toiletries. It is not uncommon to find pet related coupons in the newspaper inserts and online at sights like These coupons along with the below tips can help us save big. Here are 5 ways to save on pet supplies.

1. Petco Pal Rewards

If you have a Petco in your area, it would be wise to sign up for their Pal Rewards program. Through this program customers can earn 5% cash back on their purchases. This means that for every $100 spent at a Petco, Unleashed,, or, you can receive a $5 coupon good for use in these stores. In addition Petco offers exclusive discounts, coupons, and rewards just for it’s Pal Rewards members. Plus, finish your pet’s online profile and receive a free treat for them on their birthday. Also, customers that have recently acquired a new pet can receive a free care pack in store. These a loaded with valuable coupons on pet supplies.

save on pet supplies

In addition, pet supplies can be ordered online on their websites where frequent savings and coupons are promoted for online orders. Customers can also sign up for repeat delivery on pet items and save up to 20% off the regular item price. Unleashed by Petco offers their own repeat delivery which can save up to 15% off regular priced items. Repeat delivery and any online order also goes towards your Pal Rewards.

While Petco does not have an official coupon policy, they do have a policy regarding price matching. Petco will price match any identical item from a competitor’s store, but will not price match any online retailer or their own websites in store. We also know from customer experience that Petco will accept manufacturer coupons and has a coupon page on their site where customers can find store coupons. Typically Petco will allow stacking a store and manufacturer coupon on an item.

2. PetSmart Pet Perks

PetSmart also offers a rewards program in the form of their Pet Perks. While they don’t offer cash back incentives, they do offer exclusive promotions and coupons to their program members. And of course a free treat on your pet’s birthday. Members can also create customized emails that will alert them when their favorite products go on  sale.
PetSmart has an official coupon policy. Through this they allow store coupons either printed or on a mobile device, manufacturer coupons, as well as competitor’s coupons. In addition, the store will price match in store any competitor’s price on an identical item or online any competitor’s online price on an identical item. The website does not have a coupon page, but discounts has often be found through a simple internet search. Typically PetSmart will allow stacking a store and manufacturer coupon on an item.

3. Amazon Subscribe & Save

Is Amazon your best friend? Luckily through their subscribe and save program customers can save 5% on repeated delivery of pet supplies plus free shipping. Plus if you subscribe to 5 or more items you can save 15%. These items can be all pet supplies or can be a combination of anything in their subscription offering. Not only that but Amazon also offers online coupons specifically for use with the subscription service which include pet supplies. Luckily customers don’t have to scour the online coupons for a match as Amazon will advertise if there is an available coupon on each item in their subscriptions. You can read more about Amazon deals here.

save on pet supplies

Amazon subcribe & save coupon

As an example, a 7lb bag of Hill’s Science Diet Adult Optimal Dry Cat Food is listed at $17.24 on Amazon. By using the 5% subscribe and save discount with the available 20% off coupon, it brings the final price down to $12.93. If we were to subscribe to 5 items, the final price would be $11.20. Compare that to Petco’s repeat delivery which is still $17.24.

4. Membership Clubs

Already have a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club? Or willing to pay the $55 or $49 respective membership fees? Then check out the potential deals for saving on pet supplies. While membership clubs typically do not allow manufacturer coupons, they often will send out store coupons for its members. Don’t want to pay for a membership? Non-members can still shop online and be assessed a 5% surcharge on and a 10% surcharge on In addition, Sam’s Club will allow you to “subscribe” to any item that you purchase online and choose the quantity and frequency of delivery.

As an example on how buying in bulk can help you save, a 32 ct box of Pedigree Dentastix is listed at $16.99 with Petco repeat delivery making it $.53/piece.  On the other hand Sam’s Club has a 62ct variety pack for $19.94 making it $.32/piece, a significant savings. Even with a 10% non-member surcharge, the final cost is $21.93 making it $.35/piece and still worth the savings.

save on pet supplies

Sam’s Club Dentastix deal

5. The Krazy Coupon Lady

To find the best stock up deals in the pet stores and everyday stores like Target and Walmart, is the place to go. First off they have their own page just for deals on Petco and PetSmart. See an example of a Petco deal below.

save on pet supplies

Petco dog food deal

Secondly, you can easily find pet supply deals for all stores through their pet deals page. Here is an example on cat food from Walmart.

save on pet supplies

Walmart cat food deal

You can read more about navigating KCL here.


Through researching this article I found that Amazon subscribe and save consistently had the lowest prices on items that they offered. For example, that Dentastix deal I talked about above? Well on Amazon subscribe and save customers can score a 32 ct box for $7.59 making it $.24/piece, completely blowing the other stores out of the water. Of course, subscribe and save doesn’t offer every product.

You are probably better off purchasing maintenance items like flea treatments from Petco or PetSmart. Both stores offer similar prices, while the membership clubs had significantly higher prices, and Amazon subscribe and save had limited selection.

The best way to save money on pet supplies? Comparison shop. Look online for the lowest prices on items you purchase for your pet all the time, like food and treats. You are most likely to consistently save the most with a subscription service like Amazon, plus you don’t have go to the store every time you need pet food. Good deals can be found at membership clubs in bulk on generic brand food, treats, and cat litter. Shop for flea treatments and other items at Petco and PetSmart to take advantage of member exclusive store coupons. And don’t forget to browse KCL every once and a while to score good stock up deals.

save on pet supplies


student and teacher discounts

111 Places That Offer Student and Teacher Discounts


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Did you know that as a student or teacher there are many places that offer discounts just for you? Many of these discounts are also available to school staff, home schoolers, and home school teachers as well. Plus, even if a discount isn’t explicitly stated on a website, it never hurts to ask. Many individual places will offer unadvertised discounts to students and teachers with a valid school id. Plus don’t forget those times of the year places may offer discounts on teacher or student appreciation days.

Here are 111 places that offer student and teacher discounts.

School & Art Supplies

  • A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts – (select states on the east coast) 15% off entire sale and regular price purchases for teachers when presenting an education id at checkout. In addition anyone can take advantage of their regular rewards program.
  • Amazon School Lists style= – (online) while not providing an actual discount, Amazon does offer a program to allow teachers to share school supply lists with parents through their site. Plus, teachers that publish a list are entered to win a $1000 Amazon gift card.
  • Ben Franklin Crafts (select states) individual stores may offer teachers 10%-15% discount on craft supplies in store. Check with your local store.
  • Jo-Ann Fabrics – (nationwide) offers 15% off entire in store purchase for educators with their Teacher Rewards Program. They also offer 10% discounts to students through their Student Discount Program.
  • Michaels – (nationwide) offers a 15% discount to teachers on their entire in store purchase when presenting their teacher id at check out. In addition anyone can participate in their Michaels Rewards program.
  • Naked Binder – (online) offers teachers exclusive discounts on eco friendly binders. Must contact customer service to obtain the discount.
  • Office Depot/Max – (nationwide and online) offers teachers 10% back on rewards points on qualifying purchases through their Rewards program.
  • – (online) educators can receive a 10% discount on all orders through their discount program.
  • Silhouette – (online) offers educator discounts on their paper craft machines and software.
  • Staples – (nationwide) offers teachers up to 5% cash back on everyday purchases and 10% back on teaching and art supplies through their Teacher Rewards program. In addition anyone may participate in the regular Staples Rewards program to earn up to 5% cash back on purchases.
  • The Container Store – (nationwide) provides exclusive discount offers to teachers on organization and storage materials through their Organized Teacher Discount Program. Offers are redeemable in-store or online.
  • Walmart Wish Lists– (online) similar to Amazon, teachers can create an online teacher wish list through Walmart to share with parents.

Books & Educational Services

  • – (online) offers grants for free access to documents from Fold3,, and the US collection of ancestry for use in the classroom with their AncestryK12 program. They also offer resources including free lesson plans and research guides.
  • Barnes & Noble – (nationwide and online) offers educators of grades K-12 20% off publisher’s price on all purchases for classroom use and 25% off during Educator Appreciation Days as well as information on special educator events with their B&N Educators program. Educators must apply in store with this application and once registered may use the discount both in store and online.
  • Book Warehouse – (select states) offers educators 15% off your purchase through their Educator’s Club. Educators must apply in store with a teacher id.
  • DirecTV – (nationwide) offers qualified schools free DirecTV system geared toward educational enhancement in the classroom through their DirecTV Goes to School program.
  • Half Price Books – (select states) offers educators a 10% discount in store with their Educator’s Discount Card. Educators must apply in store.
  • – (online) provides teachers with 1 free educational video every school year through their free membership.
  • National Geographic – (online) offers teachers discounted copies of past issues as well as discounted rates on subscriptions. They also offer free educational resources as well as a discounted rate on their DNA kits for teachers.
  • Rationale – (online) offers up to 50% off their products designed to teach critical thinking and decision making skills to students, teachers, and faculty.
  • The New York Times – (nationwide) offers K-12 teachers a special rate on a home or digital subscription to the newspaper. In addition teachers can enroll for a free classroom subscription to the NYT Replica Edition.
  • The Wall Street Journal – (nationwide) offers an exclusive discount to college students on a subscription to the newspaper.
  • USA Today – (nationwide) offers discounts to K-12 educators on print and digital editions of the newspaper for use in the classroom.

Electronics & Software

  • Academic Superstore – (online) offers discounted prices on electronics and software to students, teachers, and parents. Proof of eligibility is required. See accepted proof list here.
  • Adobe – (online) offers a 60% discount on their creative cloud suite for students and educators. Proof of eligibility is required. Educators can also take advantage of the Adobe Education Exchange which provides free access to courses, workshops, and teaching materials as well as collaborate with their online community.
  • Apple – (nationwide and online) offers special pricing to students, educators, and parents buying for college students on Apple products.  They also provide resources and materials for teachers in the classroom with their Inspiration for Teachers.
  • AT&T – (nationwide) offers discounted wireless rates to employees and students of participating institutions. Find out if you’re eligible here.
  • Best Buy – (nationwide and online) offers college students exclusive savings on current store offerings with their College Student Deals. Sign up must be completed online.
  • Bose – (online) offers educators up to 15% off on selected products. Orders must be placed by phone.
  • Canon – (nationwide) offers educators and administration discounts on their products for use in the classroom.
  • Corel – (online) offers discounted rates on their Education Edition Products to eligible teachers and students.
  • Dell – (online) offers discounts on select products to k-12 students, college students, and public school teachers.
  • – (online) is a website that offers discounted prices on laptops, electronics, and software exclusively to students, educators, and schools.
  • Lenovo – (online) provides discounted laptops, tables, or desktop computers to students and faculty through their Academic Purchase Program.
  • Logitech – (online) offers college students and faculty up to 20% discounts on products through their Logitech Academy.
  • Microsoft – (online) provides 10% discount to students, parents, and faculty on Microsoft products online through their Education Store.
  • Sert Data Recovery – (online) offers a 10% discount to teachers and students on data recovery services.
  • Sony – (online) offers exclusive discounts to students and teachers on Sony software through their academic resellers. Must provide proof of eligibility.
  • T-Mobile – (nationwide) offers students, teachers, and faculty $60 off select smartphones and tablets. Must be redeemed online.
  • Texas Instruments – (nationwide) offers discounts on select products to Pre-service and pre-credentialed students who plan to teach math or science in the US or Canada.

Clothing & Shoes

  • Aerosoles – (nationwide and online) educators can receive 15% off any footwear items priced $39.99 or higher in store or calling customer service to place their order when presenting a teacher id.  In addition anyone can take advantage of their VIP Rewards program.
  • Ann Taylor – (nationwide and online) offers students 15% off full-priced purchase in-store and online with the Style for Students program.  Register with UNiDAYS to receive the online store code and present student id in store at checkout.
  • Banana Republic (nationwide) offers students and teachers 15% off full priced purchases when presenting a valid student or teacher id in store at check out.
  • Bonobos – (online) offers teachers and students 15% off online for five orders throughout the year.
  • J Crew – (nationwide) offers a 15% discount to teachers and college students in store when presenting a school id at checkout.
  • Karen Kane – (online) offers a 20% teacher and student discount on your online purchase.
  • LOFT – (nationwide) offers teachers 15% off their in store purchase through their LOFT Loves Teachers program.
  • Madewell – (nationwide) a sister company of J Crew provides a 15% in store discount to teachers and college students when they present a valid school id at check out.
  • Talbots – (nationwide) offers teachers a 15% discount off full priced merchandise in store when presenting a valid teacher id.
  • Tanger Outlets – (select states) offers a special coupon book to college students and faculty when presenting their university id to Tanger Shopping Services.
  • The Limited – (nationwide) offers students and educators a 15% discount off any full price in store purchase when showing a valid school id.
  • Tommy Hilfiger – (online) offers a 15% discount to teachers and students on their entire purchase when you order online.

Home Goods

  • – (online) offers teachers a 10% sitewide discount by registering here.  Likewise, students can also receive 10% off by registering here.  In addition anyone can take advantage of their All That’s Good rewards program.
  • – (online) offers their Club O Gold Membership for free to students and teachers which offers free shipping, 5% rewards dollars, and extra rewards opportunities.
  • West Elm – (nationwide and online) college students and faculty can sign up to receive a 15% discount with a school id while also entering to win $2500.


  • Best Western – (nationwide) offers hotel discounts to US government and military employees which includes employees of tax funded universities.
  • Colonial Williamsburg – (Virginia) offers special rates to educators on general admission with a valid school id at walk-up ticket sales locations.
  • Country Inn & Suites – (nationally) offers exclusive educator rates for stays in their hotel.
  • E-Z Rent A Car – (online) offers a 5% discount for educators and students on car rentals.
  • Graceland – (Memphis) offers K-12 teachers free tour admission. Teachers must send proof of eligibility to the reservations department to receive a certificate for a free ticket.
  • La Quinta – (nationwide) offers discounted government rates to federal and state employees which include public school employees and employees of state-funded universities.
  • Legoland – (Orlando) offers K-12 teachers in Florida an annual pass that provides free admission to Legoland, the Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds, and Sea Life Aquarium.
  • MSC Cruises – (online) offers up to 10% savings to teachers on a cruise booked on one of their ships. Educators must call to book.
  • National Parks – (nationwide) through the Every Kid in a Park program 4th grade students can receive an annual National Parks Pass that allows them and their families free access to National Parks and other federally funded lands. Paper passes can be exchanged for a plastic 4th Grade Pass at specific Federal Recreation Sites.
  • Sea World – (Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio) K-12 teachers from in Florida, Texas, and California/Arizona can receive a complimentary pass to the corresponding Sea World in their state.
  • Six Flags – (select states) students and teachers in grades K-6 can earn a free ticket to Six Flags when completing six hours of recreational reading through their Read to Succeed program.
  • Sixt Rent A Car – (select states) offers a 5% discount to teachers and students on applicable car rentals. The offer is available online only.
  • STA Travel – (online) offers exclusive rates to students on travel deals and products through their website. In addition they offer deals just for teachers.

Museums & Zoos

  • Art Institute of Chicago – (Chicago) offers free admission to Pre-K -12 Illinois educators with valid school id.
  • Boston Children’s Museum – (Boston) offers K-8 teachers from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine free admission with valid school id.
  • Carnegie Science Center – (Pittsburg) offers Pre-K – 12 teachers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, and Maryland free general admission once per year with their teacher preview. In addition, students at Carnegie Mellon University or Chatham college receive free admission when presenting a valid student id. Students from other colleges receive $2 discount off admission with student id.
  • Denver Art Museum – (Denver) offers students and teachers a $10 discount off membership when presenting a valid eligibility at a museum welcome desk.
  • Discovery World – (Milwaukee) offers educators free admission with a valid school id when they sign up for the free Educator Community.
  • Field Museum – (Chicago) Pre-K – 12 teachers in Illinois receive free basic admission to the museum when presenting a valid school id.
  • Florida Aquarium – (Tampa) teachers receive free admission to the aquarium when presenting proof of id at the ticket window.
  • Kennedy Space Center – (Cape Canaveral) allows K-12 teachers in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands free access to the Visitor Complex and Educator Resource Center through their Educator Study Pass program.
  • Milwaukee Art Museum – (Milwaukee) provides K-12 teachers in Wisconsin free admission when presenting a valid school id.
  • Milwaukee Public Museum – (Milwaukee) offers an Educator Hall Pass to teachers of schools who bring their students to the museum. The pass provides unlimited free museum visits and Dome theater visits to holders of the pass.
  • Museum of Science and Industry – (Chicago) offers Pre-K – 12 teachers in Illinois free admission when presenting a valid school id on site.
  • National History Museum – (Los Angeles) offers K-12 teachers in California free admission with a valid school id.
  • New England Aquarium – (Boston) offers their Teacher Pass Program which allows K-12 teachers in New England free admission.
  • Orlando Science Center – (Orlando) allows Florida teachers free admission with valid school id.
  • Perot Museum – (Dallas) offers free general admission to K-12 teachers in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Mexico when showing a valid teacher id at the box office. Discount does not apply on days the museum is sold out. In addition teachers can receive 15% off the purchase of a museum membership when purchased at the box office.
  • Philadelphia Zoo – (Philadelphia) offers a Teacher Pass to Pre-K – 12 teachers which provides free admission Monday through Friday during the summer months.
  • Science City – (Kansas City) offers free admission to teachers in Missouri and Kansas City through their USKC Educator Program.
  • Science Museum of Minnesota – (Saint Paul) offers discounted membership rates for K-12 teachers in the state of Minnesota.
  • Shedd Aquarium – (Chicago) provides vouchers for complimentary admission to educators in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin upon registration.
  • Tech Museum – (San Jose) offers an educator membership to K-12 teachers in California at a discounted rate.


  • Alfa Insurance – (Alabama, Mississippi) offers discounts to educators on auto insurance rates.
  • Geico – (nationwide) offers discounts to employees of participating universities.   In addition they offer discounts to students.
  • Horace Mann – (nationwide) as a company founded by educators for educators, they offer discounts for educators on auto, property, life, and multi-line insurance.
  • Liberty Mutual – (nationwide) offers discounted auto insurance rates to teachers.
  • Meemic – (Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin) offers discounted rates for educators and staff on auto, home, boat, and other types of insurance.
  • Plymouth Rock – (New Jersey) offers an exclusive insurance plan for educators in the New Jersey community.


  • Bunion Bootie – (online) offers K-12 educators a 10% discount off their purchase online.
  • Cascio Interstate Music – (Milwaukee and online) offers students and parents a 10% discount on $69 or more for musical instrument needs.
  • Curious Chef – (online) offers 30% off purchases of $100 for food preparation products in the classroom.
  • Ford – (nationwide) offers $500 incentives to college students and recent grads on the purchase or lease of a new vehicle.
  • GM – (nationwide) offers discounts on the purchase or lease of a new vehicle through their Educator Discount Program. Educators must request an authorization number online. Additionally they also offer discounts to college students and recent grads.
  • Hershey’s Store – (online) offers a 20% discount store wide to student and teachers for online orders.
  • Lakeshore Learning – (select states) offers teachers 15% off items in-store through their Teacher’s Club. The store provides educational games and supplies to enhance learning.
  • Pets in the Classroom – (online) offers an educational grant to Pre-K -8th grade teachers to support having an aquarium or small pet in the classroom. program can also be obtained through Petco or Petsmart.
  • Target – (nationwide) offers field trip grants to K-12 schools nationwide to help fund learning opportunities outside of the classroom.
  • Woodwind and Brasswind – (online) offers educators exclusive discounts on musical instruments and supplies through their educator website.

Other Memberships & Helpful Sites


student and teacher discounts


coupon at craft stores

How to Coupon at Craft Stores

Using Coupons At Craft Stores

Are you an avid crafter? Do you get into trouble for spending too much money on your habit? Well, not to fear because luckily there are 3 national craft store chains that accept coupons!


coupon at craft stores

Michaels touts itself as the largest national arts and crafts specialty retailer in North America with 1262 stores in the US and Canada. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, it also sells online.


Michaels makes their coupons available to customers through newspaper advertisments, direct mailers, in their weekly ad on, through their mobile app, through text messages, and via their email subscriptions. In addition, customers can view current coupons for their local store and text them to their phone. Coupons are not available in store.

coupon at craft stores

Michaels text coupons

Coupon Policy

Michaels official coupon policy can be found here. It allows multiple coupons per transaction, but it states that there is a limit of 1 coupon per product purchased. It also limits one coupon of each type per day.  All coupons have exclusions including doorbusters and custom items. The full exclusion list can be found here. If an item is out of stock, Michaels does not offer rain checks. Coupon codes can also be applied to online purchases.

Price Matching

Michaels will price match competitors including Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann stores. The  product must be advertised locally and be currently valid and of identical brand and size. The competitors print or mobile ad must be presented to receive the price match. Michaels does not price match online only deals or private label items. See Michaels official price match policy here (scroll to price match).

Additional Savings Opportunities

coupon at craft stores

Michaels has recently started their Michaels Rewards program. This is a free program that includes member-exlusive coupons, advance notice of sales, member-exclusive events, coupons on your birthday, returns without a receipt, and coupons specific to your interests.

Michaels also offers the following discounts:

  • 15% off entire purchase for teachers
  • 15% off entire purchase for military
  • 10% off entire purchase for seniors 55 and older


coupon at craft stores

Jo-Ann is a specialty fabric a craft retailer headquartered in Hudson, Ohio. Currently it owns and operates more than 790 stores in 49 states and also sells online.


coupon at craft stores

Jo-Ann online coupon

Jo-Ann offers both in store and online coupons. The coupon will state where it may be used. Coupons can be found in newspaper advertisements, direct mailers, on their website, through their mobile app, through text message, and via their email subscriptions.






Coupon Policy

The full coupon policy can be found here. Multiple coupons may be used per transaction, but only 1 coupon may be used per item and no two like coupons (coupons with the same barcode) may be used in the same transaction. Also only one transaction level discount may be used per transaction. Exclusions for coupon use may be found on the coupon itself and the full list can be found here. If an item is out of stock or backordered, Jo-Ann does not offer rain checks. Coupon codes may be used for online purchases, but only one code may be used per transaction. If you forget to apply your coupon code to your online order, you may contact customer service within 30 minutes to have your order adjusted.

Price Matching

Jo-Ann will price match competitors ads. The product must be of identical brand and size and advertised within the last 7 days. Proof must be presented with the original print ad or physical print out of the online price. Special buys and doorbusters are excluded from price matching. The full price match policy may be found here.

Additional Savings Opportunities

Jo-Ann has a VIP program that allows 10% off the total transaction. The VIP program is available to resellers, members of professional sewing and crafting organizations, and interior design professionals. Documented proof of membership, certification, or vendor license must be presented in order to enroll.

coupon at craft stores

Jo-Ann Student Discount Card

Jo-Ann also offers the following discounts:

  • 15% off entire purchase for teachers. Teachers may enroll here.
  • 10% off entire purchase for students. Students may enroll here.
  • 10% off entire purchase for non-profits. Non-profits may enroll here.
  • 10% off entire purchase for military.

Hobby Lobby

coupon at craft stores

Hobby Lobby is craft and fabric specialty retailer headquartered in Oklahoma City. It owns and operates over 600 stores nationwide and also sells online. Hobby Lobby is notoriously closed on Sundays.


Hobby Lobby coupons can be found on it’s home page, through the mobile app, and via their email subscriptions. Typically the store only offers it’s traditional 40% off coupon. Coupons may also be used on online purchases.

coupon at craft stores

Hobby Lobby 40% off Coupon

Coupon Policy

Due to issues with fraudulent coupons, Hobby Lobby will only accept their 40% off one regular price item (see disclosure here, scroll to Promo Codes). Only one coupon may be used per person per day. The full coupon policy may be found here (scroll to coupons). Hobby Lobby may issue rain checks for specific items only and not for an entire group of merchandise. Coupon codes may be used on online purchases. Exclusions for use may be found on the coupon itself.

Price Matching

Hobby Lobby will price match competitor’s ads. The item must be of identical brand and size. Hobby Lobby will not price match online or accept competitor percent off ads or coupons. Certain items are excluded from price matching including clearance and door busters. The full price match policy may be found here (scroll to sales).

Additional Savings Opportunities

coupon at craft stores

Hobby Lobby Visa

Hobby Lobby offers their own Visa Rewards card for qualified applicants. The card offers 5 points per $1 spent at Hobby Lobby and 1 point per $1 spent everywhere else. $25 rewards card is issued after accruing 2500 points.

Hobby Lobby also offers the following discounts:


coupon at craft stores