recoup money on everyday spending

3 Best Ways to Recoup Money on Everyday Spending


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We all know we can save money upfront on our purchases by using coupons. But did you know you can also get some of that money back after the fact? The most common form of this is through rebates. And rebates come in all different forms. You may say, that’s too much trouble, but it’s actually quite easy, sometimes even effortless. And you’ll thank me when you realize you’ve got a nice chunk of spare change. Here are 3 best ways to recoup money on everyday spending.

1. Rebate Apps

recoup money on everyday spending

An example of the Ibotta app

Rebate apps are a great way to earn a little extra money back on your everyday purchases. Most apps like Ibotta and Checkout51 give rebates on grocery purchases. But there are several different kinds including BevRage which rebates you on your adult beverage purchases. These apps are generally easy to use and involve uploading your receipt on your purchase. Learn more about grocery rebate apps in this post. Plus learn about BevRage in this post.

2. Online Shopping Portals

Did you know that there are several websites out there that will give you cash back (or other forms of rewards) for your online purchases? And it’s so simple. All it requires is making your purchase by clicking through their website, and you get cash back, typically straight to your Paypal account. Ebates is one of my personal favorites. I’ve used it on multiple occasions, and there is no catch at all. (Learn more about Ebates here.) There are also other portal sites that will help you earn other types of rewards, such as credit card points or travel rewards. Check out and search for your online store to find the portal that will give  you the best payout.

recoup money on everyday spending

Earning cashback with Ebates

3. Credit Card Rewards

recoup money on everyday spending

This one is just simply a no brainer for me. And it takes practically zero effort on my part to earn. If you have a rewards credit card (and if you don’t I highly recommend you change to one) then you are automatically earning rewards points on all the purchases you make with it. Depending on your card you could be earning cashback in the form of statement credits, or travel rewards that can be transferred to partners and used to book free travel. And if you have more than one rewards credit card, be sure  you are maximizing your points earnings by using the card that will give you the largest percentage of points (i.e. 2% back on groceries). To learn more about using credit card rewards for free travel read this post. And as a final note on credit cards, I only recommend using them if they can be managed responsibly and the balance paid in full every statement.


recoup money on everyday spending


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