make money from survey sites

I Tried to Make Money from Survey Sites

What are Survey Sites?

Survey sites are websites that you can sign up with in order to fill out surveys for special incentives. These incentives include cash through Paypal, any number of gift cards, entries into sweepstakes, and other items.

I tried out 5 of the more highly reviewed survey sites for 1 month and here is my take.

1. Pinecone Research

make money from survey sites

Pinecone Research was considered a favorite among the Krazy Coupon Lady site and for good reason. Each survey pays out $3 which is extremely high among survey sites. The downside? It’s extremely hard to get accepted. They only open up a limited number of slots every so often.

I’ve tried to get in a few times and been told they don’t have any slots open. So unfortunately I can’t really give a review on this particular group. However, according to other users, the surveys take a reasonable amount of time and they don’t waste your time sending you surveys you don’t qualify for. Plus members can cash out with rewards or good old fashioned cash through Paypal.

So my verdict? If you can manage to get accepted then it’s at least worth a try.

2. Springboard America

make money from survey sites

Springboard America was considered another favorite, again because of it’s higher survey payout. The minimum amount per survey I have seen has been $.75., and the highest so far has been $1.75. The nice thing I found about this particular company was that they don’t plague your inbox with survey requests. In fact they only send you surveys about once a week.

The downside? I’m finding I don’t qualify for about half of the surveys, meaning the earning opportunities are pretty limited. Another con – the minimum payout is $50 survey dollars. To put this in perspective so far I’ve only earned $2.25 in one month. This means it takes quite some time to earn enough to cash out. Once you do though you can earn Amazon gift cards or money transfers.

So is this one worth keeping? Yes, but only because they don’t annoy me by sending me too many. Just don’t have any grand illusions about earning a lot with this one.

3. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost was considered a favorite among many people because of the high number of available surveys, thus the high opportunity for earning. I’m not going to lie though, this one was one of my least favorites. Why? They sent me wayyyy too many surveys. I’m talking like 5-10 a day. Plus, I didn’t qualify for about 60%-70% of them. This meant I wasted my time filling out general information for each one before being told I didn’t qualify which was incredibly irritating. ¬†And the ones I did qualify for felt way to long and had tedious questions.

make money from survey sites

I ended up just cashing out with this one and saying “Bye, Felicia!” The minimum cash out is $10 survey dollars and can be transferred straight to Paypal. It was to my surprise that I discovered I had earned $17, the highest with any of the survey sites I participated with.

So should you try it? Personally I say skip it, unless you don’t mind being bombarded with survey emails and being told you don’t qualify in which case you have the potential to earn the most from this one.

4. Harris Poll

Harris Poll is definitely the kind of survey site I can feel ok about. First off they only send you about 1-2 surveys per day. Plus, I would say I qualified for about 80% of the surveys. Sweet, I’m not wasting my time. Not only that, but usually it took me less time to complete each survey than the site estimated. For the most part most of the surveys only took 15-20 minutes.

make money from survey sites

The site rewards you with points and entries into sweepstakes. While the payouts aren’t super high, I earn about 50-100 points per survey. While you can’t get paid in cash, the site does offer a good variety of gift cards to earn (I’m going for the Amazon ones). A $5 gift card takes 625 points to redeem. So far I’ve earned about $12 worth of gift cards. Not only that but one particular survey I participated in awarded me a $10 Amazon gift card on it’s own. Not too bad in my opinion.

Is it worth it? I would say yes to this one. It’s obvious they don’t waste your time.

5. Toluna

Toluna was originally introduced to me as a way to earn a free sample, however I decided to give the survey section a try. I would liken this site to Opinion Outpost. I really didn’t like it very much. I would say they sent me even more emails a day than Opinion Outpost if you can believe it, maybe 8-12. And again, I found I didn’t qualify for most of them. Annoying. Each survey completed will earn you 1300-3000 reward points. The points can be cashed out for gift cards and other items.

make money from survey sites

This was another one I decided to cash out with and with around 27,000 points I found that I don’t have enough to cash out with a gift card. The lowest gift card amount of $10 requires 30,000 points. This means I need to complete a few more surveys to cash out, ugh.

So should you pursue it? Again, skip it.

Are They Worth Completing?

So the real question here is whether the incentive for giving your opinion is worth your time. I will say this, you will not get rich off of filling out surveys. However, it is possible to make a little bit of side money. And by a little bit, I mean a little bit. You most certainly will make less money from filling out surveys than from a real job, including a minimum wage one.

But if you just want to earn a little bit over time, my personal suggestion would be Harris Poll. After trying it for a month I have to say, survey sites are not what they’re cracked up to be.


make money from survey sites

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