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5. Invest in Coupon Organization Materials

What Materials Do I Need for Coupon Organization?

So now that you have chosen a coupon method, it is time to invest in those materials to start your coupon organization. If you have chosen to go with my recommended method you should only need the few things below:

  • 4″-5″ binder or file folder
  • 1 set of 100 sheet protectors for binder
  • paper scissors for clipping coupons
  • sharpie marker for labeling¬†the inserts
  • spiral notebook for your couponing shopping list

These items together should not cost you more than $20-$25. That’s a pretty reasonable start up cost. You should also consider at some point investing in the following items if you do not already own them as you become more involved with couponing:

  • A black and white printer for printing online coupons. Color is not necessary as it does not affect the validity of the coupon. If you don’t have one or don’t want to buy one, there are obviously ways around this. I actually printed some at work, shh…don’t tell.
  • A shelf to store your stockpile. Eventually your stockpile may grow to a point where it is hard to store. I have a 5 tier metal shelf that I got from Target for about $40.

And of course a solid investment to be made every week:

  • The Sunday newspaper. This will cost about $2.50 per paper per week depending on your subscription and how you purchase it. It never hurts to ask your neighbors for their inserts which could be FREE.

Why do I need to Spend Money?

coupon organization

You may ask why you are spending money upfront when the whole purpose of couponing is to save money? Well, honestly, your couponing will not be nearly as successful if you do not take the time to organize yourself. The small amount of time it takes with coupon organization will help you to shop in the store faster which is part of the purpose of fast couponing in 2 hours. And of course you cannot have coupon organization without the correct materials. I also highly recommend in purchasing the paper (or getting the inserts from friends) as these are the majority of the coupons your will use. The money spent here will be made up by the money you save in couponing. All in all it is in your best interest to put up a little money up front so that you can reap the vast benefits of it later.


coupon organization


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