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How to Use Cartwheel in the Target App


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 What is Cartwheel?

Cartwheel is a program designed exclusively for use at Target stores. In a nutshell it allows users to redeem additional discounts on in store products that otherwise would not be offered. Previously it was offered through its own app, but now the program has been fully integrated into the normal Target store app. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Cartwheel can also be managed online on your home computer. It is both free to download and use. Cartwheel is an essential part of a comprehensive Target couponing strategy (read more about that here). For the purposes of this post, we will be focusing on how to use Cartwheel in the updated Target store app. To learn how to use Cartwheel online, the instructions in this post have not changed.

Getting Started

cartwheel target app

Cartwheel sign in/sign up

Getting started is easy. Users can either download the Target store app to their iOS or Android phones, or sign up right online at this link. You can now only sign in with your existing Target login or create a new account (previously you could also use a facebook or google login). To sign in on the app, simply tap the sign in icon on the bottom menu and then tap “sign in” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Or you may tap the barcode icon on the bottom menu and sign in from there. Once you are completely signed up through either the app or online, your account can be accessed through either medium. If a change is made in one place, it will automatically be updated in the other. In other words you can freely interchange between the app and online.

Adding Offers

cartwheel target app

Target app home screen

cartwheel target app

Cartwheel offer categories

Cartwheel has a variety of “offers” available for users to add to their account. The offers range from nearly every department in store and typically start at 5% off and will go up to about 50% off, though sometimes they will be even higher discounts. To view Cartwheel offers, tap “cartwheel by category” on the home screen of the Target store app. The offers will be sorted by different departments. Tapping on any of the department options will bring up all the offers which you may browse.


cartwheel target app

Cartwheel offer search

If you would like to search for specific offers, you may tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner of the categories page. Make sure the “cartwheel” search option is highlighted and type in your desired search. You may also search by tapping the magnifying glass at the top of the home screen on the app and searching in the same manner.

Previously users were limited to the number of offers they could add to their account based on completing badges. That feature is no longer active and all users may add up to 50 offers on their account at a time.

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List of available offers

Once you determine the offer/s you want to add, simply tap the plus sign on the offer to add it to your account. Once added, offers can be removed by tapping the check mark on the offer. Do note that offers do expire and the expiration can be clearly seen by tapping on the offer itself.

cartwheel target app

Specific offer details

Cartwheel offers typically can only be used for purchases in store unless the offer explicitly states it can be used for online purchases. One Cartwheel offer can be combined and used in conjuction with a manufacturer coupon and Target store coupon per item (along with any gift card deals and REDcard (read more about REDcard here) on the entire transaction). A single Cartwheel offer can be used on up to 4 qualifying items per transaction. Some offers are actual manufacturer dollar off coupons and can only be used once period – the offer will explicitly state this.

Viewing Your Offers

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List of saved offers

Once you have your offers added, you can easily view all of your offers. Simply tap the “list” icon in the bottom menu and select the “cartwheel offers” option. All of the offers you have added that are currently active will be shown. Any offers you no longer want can easily be removed by tapping the X. At the top of this screen, it will also show you how many offers you currently have saved and how many offers you may still add to your account.

Checking Out

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Personal cartwheel barcode

Once you have all your offers added and are ready to check out, you redeem them with a unique barcode. The barcode can be obtained by tapping the “barcode” icon in the bottom menu. Your barcode will appear and can be scanned during checkout straight from the app. You also have the ability to scan your barcode at the self checkouts. Do note that only 1 cartwheel barcode may be scanned per transaction and you are limited to only 6 transactions per day with cartwheel barcode scans. You can also view your current offers by tapping “view my offers” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. In addition it shows the number of offers you currently have saved.

cartwheel target app

available store coupons

You might also notice that the barcode tab shows available store coupons at the bottom of the screen. These coupons can be scanned separately and redeemed within the same transaction. To gain access to these coupon’s barcode, simply swipe up to view the first coupon and swipe left to view any additional coupon offers. Do note that your unique user barcode and each coupon barcode must be scanned separately – the store coupons are not automatically added to your unique user barcode.

Other Fun Features

cartwheel target app

scanning tool

One of the best features I feel the app provides is the scanning tool. This tool allows you to scan any item barcode while in the store. It will then display the item and its current in store price as well as any available cartwheel offers for that item (which you can then tap and immediately add to your account for use at checkout). If there are no available cartwheel offers, it will say so and also show available offers for similar products. This is great for impromptu in store shopping.

cartwheel target app

suggested similar offers

You can access the barcode scanner by tapping the barcode picture on the top of the home screen. It is also available through the search options by tapping “scan a barcode” at the bottom of the search screen. In addition it can also be accessed by tapping the barcode picture at the top right on the “list” screen.

To learn more about the ways to coupon at Target, visit this post. Plus, be sure to view this post on the 5 best features of the Cartwheel app which are still applicable to the now integrated program.


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