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How to Coupon at Rite Aid

Why I Love Rite Aid Couponing

As most of you know, my favorite pharmacy to coupon at is CVS (you can read about couponing at CVS here). Recently, however, I have moved to a new state and CVS is no longer an option for me. Noooooo! So I set about finding a new pharmacy to coupon at and low and behold a new store that I did not have access to before was presented to me. So I decided to give Rite Aid a try, and I have to say I like it quite a lot – dare I say love it? There is one decisive factor in this assessment – the fact that loyalty points don’t expire for 2 years. That’s right, 2 years! I explain this among other things below.

Wellness+ With PlenTi

coupon at Rite Aid

Plenti card with Rite Aid logo

Around May of 2015 Rite Aid joined the Plenti program (which I talk more about below) and completely overhauled their loyalty card system. What used to be called Wellness+ became Wellness+ with Plenti. So now there are essentially 2 parts to saving with this loyalty card. The first part is the Rite Aid specific Wellness+ and the second part is the multi store points system called Plenti – the latter of which I explain in more detail in the next section. Essentially these are two separate programs that are linked together and can be accessed through a single loyalty card. Cards can be obtained either through signing up in store, online at Rite Aid’s website, or online at Plenti’s website. Any way the card was obtained can be linked to both Plenti and Wellness+ accounts. (Note: it does not matter what store logo is on the Plenti card, it can be used at any of Plenti’s participating retailers. For example you may have a Rite Aid specific card or a generic Plenti card, they both can be used anywhere Plenti is accepted.)

Now a little bit more about Wellness+. The Wellness+ specific portion of the program allows members benefits such as members only sale pricing and wellness points. Members can earn 1 wellness point for every dollar spent on non-prescription purchases and 25 points for every prescription filled. Members with 0-499 wellness points are considered Bronze status and will receive one 10% off regular priced items coupon for every 100 points obtained. At 500 wellness points members achieve Silver status which allows them 10% off regular priced items every time they shop with their card. And at 1000 wellness points members achieve Gold status which allows them 20% off regular priced items every time they shop with their card. Wellness points reset at the end of each year, but if Silver or Gold status was obtained, it will remain active until the end of the next calendar year. You can see how obtaining Silver or Gold status can be valuable to extra savings in your couponing efforts at Rite Aid.

Plenti Points

Plenti is a relatively new program started in May 2015. It is a points based multi-store loyalty system. What this means is that you can earn and use points across any of Plenti’s participating retailers. Plenti’s store partners include Macy’s, Rite Aid, Exxon Mobile, AT&T, and Hulu.

How do the Plenti points work? Well, each retailer offers points a little bit differently, but since this post is about Rite Aid, I’ll explain their system in a little more detail (you can learn specifically about each retailer in Plenti’s FAQ section here). Rite Aid awards Plenti points from specifically advertised purchases you make. For instance, Rite Aid may award 500 points for a $20 purchase of specific items, or may award 200 points for the purchase of one specific item. Any potential points to be rewarded will be advertised in-ad and in store. When you earn points from your purchase it will be shown on your receipt, however points earned are not available for use until 6:00am on the NEXT day. And the best part? The points don’t expire for 2 years! And even though I earned these points at Rite Aid, I could turn around and use them at Macy’s if I wanted. I don’t do that though because I like to use all my points for couponing at Rite Aid. In addition, any manufacturer or store coupons applied to your transaction does not in any way affect the amount of Plenti points that you will earn.

coupon at Rite Aid

Opting whether to use Plenti points at the register

Luckily using the points is pretty much the same across all of Plenti’s retailers. When you go to check out and scan your Plenti card you will be asked if you want to use your points. If so, any points you have will be deducted from your total. 100 points is equivalent to $1 in savings. For example if your transaction total is $5 and you have 400 points, you can apply them for $4 in savings making your final total $1. In another scenario, if your transaction total is $5 and you have 600 points, you can apply them to make your final total $0 and still have 100 points to use at a later time. If you choose to use points to cover the entirety of your transaction, points can and will be used to also cover any tax added on. Plenti does require a minimum of 200 points to be available in order to redeem. While some retailers allow you to choose the number of points you want to use on the transaction, my experience with Rite Aid is that the register will automatically apply ALL of the available points you have to the transaction. I have seen where some people have been able to have the cashier adjust it manually, but I have asked several times and each time been told they don’t have that ability.

The Plenti points system is what makes Rite Aid a great place to roll points from trip to trip, however it is impossible to roll from transaction to transaction because of the fact that earned points are not available to use until the next day. Nevertheless, I try to only go for deals that will award me equal to or less than the amount of points of plan to use on that transaction. For example if I have 1000 points available I try to roll them and use them on a transaction in whiche I receive 1000 points back on my account. I did encounter a dilemma because I am forced to use all of my available points on my transactions which means I always use more in a transaction than I will earn (this is always the case because I always have to pay tax on top of everything). I have figured out how to combat this by earning additional points through other means, which I talk more about below. In this way I always have a store of points to use for couponing and I NEVER pay out of pocket at the register, essentially making ALL of my transactions at Rite Aid FREE. I take advantage of any additional points I can get. For instance I transferred a prescription to Rite Aid and earned 2500 points with a coupon from the weekly ad.

Additional Wellness+ Benefits

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Wellness+ also has the following programs:

coupon at Rite Aid

Load2Card in the Rite Aid app

  • Load2Card coupons – manufacturer coupons can be added from the Rite Aid website or app straight to your Wellness+ with Plenti card and will automatically be deducted from your qualifying purchase at the register. Don’t try to stack it with another manufacturer coupon – it won’t work. This can be handy if you need 3 of the same manufacturer coupons but only have 2.
  • Wellness65+ – allows members who are 65 or older access to free pharmacy consultations and 20% off regular priced non-prescription purchases on Wednesdays.
  • Wellness+ Allergy – member can earn 2000 Plenti points on every $75 spent on allergy products.
  • Wellness+ Diabetes – offers members only benefits for helping control diabetes, including access to diabetes specialists online or over the phone.
  • Rewards for Relief – provides exclusive savings on select heartburn products.
  • Kidcents – participating members can round up purchases to the nearest dollar to be donated to programs for kids in the community.
  • 24/7 access to a Pharmacist – members can chat live online with a pharmacist 24/7.
  • uPromise – members can help save for college when they shop by registering their card online with uPromise.

additional Ways to Earn Points with Plenti

In addition to the standard way of earning Plenti points in store, members can also earn points in these ways:

coupon at Rite Aid

Plenti online marketplace offer

  • Partner Offers – earn additional points by activating and participating in exclusive partner offers. For instance you can earn 10x points when shopping at Macys or earn 1000 points when you subscribe to Hulu.
  • Household Offers – earn additional points by activating a purchasing qualifying household offers. For instance earn 100 points on the purchase of one Dove men’s haircare or earn 300 points when spending $12 on Ken’s salad dressing. (These points will not show on your in store receipt and will post a couple of days after purchase.)
  • Online Marketplace – earn additional points by shopping at online retailer’s through the Plenti website. For instance earn 3 points per every dollar spent online at Kohl’s or 2 points per dollar spent online at Best Buy.  (This is my favorite way to earn extra points. Anytime I plan to buy something online, I simply log in to Plenti, search for the store, click on the link to the store site, and make my purchase. It even works on ship to store and in store pick up items. Users should note however that these points are not active in your account until 45 days after purchase. Any points earned on travel are not eligible until after the travel has been completed. In any case it’s a great way to earn extra points on items I plan on buying anyway.)
  • Local Dining – Link your credit or debit card and earn 3 points per every dollar spent at participating restaurants.
  • AT&T bill – if you are an AT&T customer, simply link your account and earn 1 point for every $1 on your monthly wireless bill.

Rite Aid Stacking Example


coupon at rite aid

Above I give a good example of how stacking can work at Rite Aid. You can see that Garnier facial products are buy one get one 50% off. Combine that with a manufacturer coupons plus activating two additional Plenti household offers as well as the Rite Aid store offer of spend $15 receive 500 Plenti Points and it makes each item only $1.62.

Rite Aid Coupon Policy and Other Information

It is important to know a store’s coupon policy. You can view Rite Aid’s policy here.  I highly recommend that you visit the Rite Aid page at KCL to get an even more in-depth view about couponing at Rite Aid.


coupon at rite aid



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