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Top 4 Gifts for Couponers


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Ah, it’s the time of year where gift giving is abundant. But what do you get for the couponer or money saver in your life? Or maybe, you’re the couponer, but you’re not sure what would be good to ask for. Personally, I love to ask to for those things that aid me in my money saving endeavors. Here are the top 4 gifts for couponers and couponing.

1. Amazon Prime

I rave about Amazon Prime for couponing. How could I not? The fact is that is comes with more benefits than just the free 2 day shipping (read all about Amazon Prime benefits here). But I totally understand not wanting to pay the $99 yearly membership fee for access to these great benefits. That’s why it makes a great gift to give or ask for. Plus, when you Give the Gift of Prime, the subscription automatically cancels after 1 year. There are no automatic renewals to worry about. And if your recipient already has Prime, they have the option of exchanging the gift for an gift card (read more about exchanging here).

Not prepared to shell out or ask for the whole $99? Totally understandable. But you can still contribute towards a Prime subscription by gifting an gift card. While users cannot use gift cards to subscribe to Prime on their own account, they can, however, use gift cards to Give the Gift of Prime to themselves. Users simply send the gift to themselves for redemption (it works, I’ve done it).

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards are kind of a no brainer for anyone. But as a couponer I always like to ask for gift cards to the stores I like couponing at, for example CVS or Target. Receiving these gift cards helps to support my “habit.”

gifts for couponers

A great way for gifting gift cards is to purchase them at a discount through a site like Raise. Raise is a marketplace for people to sell their unused gift cards at a discount to others who may want them. If this option interests you, you can use this link to receive $5 off your first purchase. You can also learn more about Raise in this post.

3. Sunday Newspaper Subscription

gifts for couponers

Every couponer knows that the best coupons come in the Sunday newspaper. And unfortunately, that newspaper is not free. This is why gifting a Sunday paper subscription is a great option for the couponer in your life. And if they already have a subscription? I don’t know any couponer that would refuse the opportunity for a free extra subscription for the benefit of getting extra coupons every week (myself included). You can look through options of discounted newspaper subscriptions online here.

4. CosTCO or Sam’s Club Membership

gifts for couponers

While I personally do not utilize a warehouse store membership myself, that doesn’t mean there are not great deals to be had there. For instance, you can read here about some of the best items to get at Costco. Plus, these stores typically offer big discounts on electronics, prescriptions, and of course gasoline. And if you think you or your money saving friend could benefit from a membership, then it’s a great gift! Costco offers their Gold Star gift membership for $55, and Sam’s Club offers their gift membership for $45. Both of these can be purchased online and redeemed in store by the recipient.


gifts for couponers


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