11 Items You Should Always Get For Free


Still paying $3-$5 for toothpaste? Let me tell you that cost can add up. Thankfully we have coupons to help with that. There are a few essential items that I make a point never to pay out of pocket for (or at least get for very cheap – seriously, never pay more than $.50 for toothpaste). Here are 11 items you should always get for free:

1. Toothpaste

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Yes, this is the first item because I believe so very strongly about it. It is soooo easy to get free or super cheap toothpaste year round at drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid. I’ve even scored decent deals at Target. Colgate is the easiest to get for free, but I’ve even scored free deals on higher end toothpastes like Crest 3D White.

2. Toothbrushes

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Right along there with the toothpaste are toothbrushes. Again, these can easily be obtained at drugstores like Wlagreens, CVS, and Rite Aid for free nearly year round. Again, regular manual Colgate toothbrushes are the easiest to get for free, but you can also score the battery powered Arm & Hammer and Oral B for $2 or less.

3. Mouthwash

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Running right along with our oral hygiene theme is mouthwash. Again a killer in the free department, sometimes even moneymakers. You can find good deals ($1 or less) year round at the drugstores mentioned above and sometimes even Target. The easiest freebies to score are of the Crest and Colgate variety.


4. Floss

Rounding up in the oral hygiene category is floss. This is another super easy freebie for year round. Again an easy score at the 3 drugstores above. Good deals usually come in the form of Oral B.

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5. Bodywash

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Moving on to basic body hygiene is bodywash. Look for deals ($.50 or less) at the 3 drugstores, Target, and Walmart. The easiest to find are Caress, Sauve, Dove, and Softsoap for women; and Sauve, Dove, Irish Spring, Axe, and Old Spice for men. If bar soap is more your thing, you can also frequently find the same brands for free.


6. Shampoo

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Ah, hair hygeine. Are we seeing a hygiene theme yet? Deals ($.50 or less) on shampoo can frequently be found at the 3 drugstores and Target. Look for Pantene, TRESemme, Sauve, and Garnier for women; and Sauve and Dove for men. Don’t count out conditioner (which pretty well goes along with the shampoo) and other stylers like hair spray and mousse.

7. Face Wash

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Onto the facial hygiene. Face wash can be expensive so look for good deals ($1.25 or less) at the 3 drug stores and Target. L’Oreal and Olay can be good finds. Also look for deals on Neutrogena facial bars and make-up remover wipes.


8. Disposable Razors

get for freeNot necessarily considered a hygiene item, but definitely in the hair removal category. Disposable razor deals ($.25 or less) can frequently be found at the 3 drugstores and Target. Schick and Bic are your best bets. If you’d rather go for the regular razors, deals on both Schick and Gillette can often be found for $2 or less. Just never buy the refill cartridges. It’s much cheaper to buy a whole new razor.

9. Shave Gel

Right along with razors is of course shave gel. Get the best deals ($.25 or less) at Target and the 3 drugstores. Gillette, Skintimate, and Edge (especially the travel sizes) are the easiest to score.

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10. Mascara

Mascara is by far the easiest of all make-up items to score a good deal ($1.50) or less. CVS is the major player here, but deals can also be found at Target and the other 2 drugstores. Maybelline in particular is the big winner. Other makeup items can also frequently be found such as Almay eyeshadow, Sally Hansen nail polish, Wet n Wild nail polish and lipstick, and Baby Lips, as well as chapstick.


11. Glade Air Fresheners

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Finally leaving the bodily hygiene categories is Glade. You’d be surprised how easily you can find a good deal ($.20 or less) on the air fresheners, candles, wax melts, and plugins. Not only that, they can be found almost everywhere like Target, the 3 drugstores, and Walmart. Plus, there are always deals on seasonal scents.



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