earn cashback online with ebates

How to Earn Cashback Online with Ebates


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As the holiday season approaches it seems only appropriate to divulge some great ways to save some money on holiday purchases. Many people these days are skipping the holiday madness in store and choosing to shop online instead. A great way to save money on online gift purchases is to earn cashback online with Ebates.

What Is Ebates?

earn cashback online with ebates

A sample of stores with cashback opportunities on Ebates.com

Ebates is a portal website that allows users to earn cashback on their online purchases made through the site. Ebates operates and earns money by using affiliate marketing. Essentially they earn a commission on the purchases made by their users from the stores they promote. In turn they offer a portion of that commission back to their users. For instance, if Target offers a 6% commission to Ebates from users making purchases through their affiliate site, then Ebates will pass a portion of their affiliate earning to the user for using the Ebates site for making their purchases.

How Does It WorK?

earn cashback online with ebates

Ebates plugin alert on Bestbuy.com

Ebates is actually very simple to use. Users simply visit the website and click on the store they wish to shop at. Ebates will then redirect the user to the store website. Users make their purchases and check out. Users cashback is usually credited to their account within 48 hours. (Note: usually items cannot already be in the shopping cart before users go through the ebates site and complete the purchase for the user to get credit for the purchase. The user should refrain from adding items to their cart until they have gone through ebates first.) Users can choose to receive their cashback in the form of a check mailed directly to them or through their paypal account.

earn cashback online with ebates

Ebates current coupon codes

Don’t want to get on your computer? No problem, Ebates has an app for iphone and android that work the same way. However, if you are shopping on your computer ebates also offers an easy to use plug-in for your browser (sorry, only on chrome and firefox) that will automatically alert you if there are cashback opportunities on the website you are currently browsing. I currently have this plug-in on my Chrome browser and it also shows me cashback opportunities in Google search.As an extra perk, Ebates also makes current coupon codes and deals available so that users can save even more money.

earn cashback online with ebates

In store opportunities on the Ebates app

In addition, Ebates has recently offered a new way to start earning cashback through in store purchases. While these opportunities are not nearly as prominent as the online shopping ones, it is still very easy to manage. Users simply go to the in store portion of their account, link a credit card, and activate any current in store offers. Once a purchase has been made in store with the liked credit card, the cash back is then credited to the users account.

Is It Worth It?

In my humble opinion I would say absolutely! At the very least it’s worth a try. But if you’re planning on doing lots of online shopping this holiday season, you have to opportunity to earn a decent amount of cashback through Ebates. While I understand concerns about whether this is a scam or not (let’s face it, it certainly does sound wayyy to good to be true), this platform actually works since it is using affiliate marketing to award their users money. In this way the store is making money, the Ebates site is making money, and the user (that’s you and me!) are making money.

earn cashback online with ebates

Google screenshot of Ebates notification

If you are nervous about linking a credit card for the in store rebates, I can’t say I blame you. And if that’s the case there’s nothing wrong with skipping that portion of the site. You can still earn money back from online purchases with no credit card linking required.

If you are willing to give Ebates a try, new users can earn an extra $10 on their account by signing up through this link.

But I already Earn Rewards By SHopping through Other Portals

If that’s the case, then I highly recommend checking the site evreward.com. This website shows all the rewards offered by different shopping portals. These portals include Ebates, Plenti, credit card rewards portals, and various travel rewards portals. In this way you can maximize your rewards savings by choosing the portal that gives you the best deal.

The site easily let’s you enter the online store you plan on making a purchase and gives you the results. In this example below, I typed in Walmart and currently Discover is giving the best rewards benefits at 5% back.

earn cashback online with ebates


So whatever your rebates/rewards/cashback strategy is, make the most of it this holiday shopping season.


earn cashback online with ebates

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