use deal squad to save money online

How to Use Deal Squad to Save Money Online


Update: As of 3/22/17 Deal Squad Beta has ended and is no longer available. Shedding a tear over here...

When shopping online do you try to find the lowest possible price to score the best deal? I don’t blame you, so do I? But if you’re like me, you sometimes get tired of scouring the interwebs and trying every single combination of coupon codes and shipping to get the best deal. Thankfully, there’s an easier and faster way. Here’s how to use Deal Squad to save money online.

What is Deal SQuad?

use deal squad to save money online

Deal Squad is a neat little feature by the website RetailMeNot. If you are unfamiliar with RetailMeNot, they are a website that congregates currently available coupon codes and promotions for various online retailers to help customers maximize their savings. They operate and earn money through affiliate marketing with these online retailers. Deal Squad is a FREE service RetailMeNot offers to help customers find the currently lowest price on an item they are looking for online.

How Does It Work?

Deal Squad is relatively simple to use. Simply submit a link for the product that you are looking for. You will also submit any important details, your zip code, and email. This is then submitted to the “Deal Squad Agents” to find the lowest price. (Whether they actually use real people to find these deals or some sort of computer algorithm or maybe a little of both is a little uncertain to me. They certainly try to make it look like a real person is doing the work.) In any case, the “Agents” scour the web for the best deal. These deals may include any combination of sale price, coupon codes, discount gift cards, or rebates and include the taxes and shipping costs.

use deal squad to save money online

Deal Squad email

Usually within 24 hours of submitting your request, you will receive an email back from one of the “Agents” giving you the best deal. The deal will include their affiliate link to the product on the retailer’s website (this is how they make money from providing this service for free), any applicable coupon codes, rebates, etc to lower the price, and the total price including tax and shipping. Plus, they will include all the instructions, if necessary, for scoring this deal. Many times they will also offer a secondary deal to the same item, or a deal to an alternately similar item that you potentially may be interested in.

Are There Any Cons?

Sure, just like anything else. The biggest negative that I have found is that sometimes they don’t find a deal on the correct product. For instance, I used Deal Squad to try and find a deal on an Ergobaby 4 postion 360 baby carrier that my sister was wanting for her new baby. In the email I received back one of the potential deals was actually for the regular 3 position carrier – a similar item, but not what I was looking for (and it was not pointed out to be a similar alternatively like they normally will). Other than that, I have not found any other major cons.

Is It Worth It?

I would say absolutely. Considering RetailMeNot offers this service for FREE to anyone, it really doesn’t hurt to at least give it a try. Maybe you find a good deal, maybe you don’t. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase any of the deals they send to you. Plus there is no need to enter any personal information other than your zip code (so they can calculate any potential tax and shipping) and your email (so they can actually send you the deal). They don’t send any spam except for an opportunity to give feedback on their service.

How HaS It Worked For Me?

Considering I’ve only had need to try Deal Squad a couple of times, I would say I’ve had a mostly positive experience with about a 60% rate of success. And while they say they’ll send you an email within 24 hours, I always receive mine within 6 hours or less.

Like I mentioned above, the first time I was looking to save money with an Ergobaby carrier that can be quite expensive. While one of the deals suggested to me was the incorrect product, the second deal was correct and offered a 20% discount with free shipping for a savings of $41. In the end I didn’t end up using the retailer they suggested because they were out of stock on the color I was looking for, but I managed to find the same thing on Buy Buy Baby and use a 20% off coupon they typically offer as well as free shipping to get the exact same deal.

use deal squad to save money online

Deal from Deal Squad

Another time I was looking for a deal for my husband on an expensive Kate Spade purse I wanted for my birthday. The results culminated in a deal on the correct product with a savings of $116.22 from They also recommended an alternative deal on the mini sized version of the same purse from Bloomingdales. Had I been interested in the smaller size, it would have saved an additional $26.56.

Overall, I would totally recommend this service to anyone who likes to shop online, especially on items that have the potential to be very expensive.


use deal squad to save money online

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