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These are my favorite essential resources for any couponer. They are simple enough to obtain and will help set anyone up for success, whether you are just beginning or a seasoned expert. As I try and review more products, my favorites will continue to be added to this list.

Favorite Couponing Website

The Krazy Coupon Lady – I make no secret on this site that KCL is by far my favorite website for researching deals and essentially doing all my couponing work for me. You can read more about how to navigate KCL here.

Favorite places to Obtain Coupons

The Newspaper – in my opinion having a Sunday paper subscription or purchasing multiple copies of the newspaper is a MUST for getting the best coupons. You can look to subscribe to a discounted local newspaper here. You can also read more about why the newspaper is important for couponing here. – This is one of the best sites for obtaining printable online coupons. Not only is it legit, but it has one of the better selections. You can read more about online coupons here.

Coupon Insert,, and are the websites of the companies that publish the coupon inserts that come in the Sunday paper every week. You can also obtain legitimate printable online coupons from these sites. You can read more about online coupons here.

Favorite Store Resources

Target REDcardTarget is one of my favorite places to coupon and offers the best store credit card in my opinion. Why? Because you don’t have to actually get a credit card, you can get a debit card instead, and it offers an additional 5% off EVERY purchase. You can read more about the benefits of REDcard here. You can also read more about couponing at Target here.

Target CartwheelTarget has this great app called Cartwheel that is essential for couponing at Target. The app provide additional discounts that can be used in addition to manufacturer coupons, store coupons, gift cards, and REDcard. You can read more about Cartwheel and couponing at Target here.

Store Loyalty Cards – it is essential that if you are going to coupon at any store with a loyalty card that you should obtain a personal one. Loyalty cards typically provide extra benefits and coupons to it’s card holders that can be extremely beneficial to couponers. You can read more about how loyalty cards are essential at stores such as CVS and Rite Aid here and here.

Favorite Online Couponing Resources

Amazon Prime – There’s no doubt about it that Amazon is one of the best and easiest places to shop for deals online. Add Prime to it and you are getting even better benefits including free 2 day shipping and access to Prime Pantry as well as their Amazon Video service. You can get a free 30 day trial of Prime here. Don’t want to pay the $99 subscription? It’s always a great gift to ask for instead. You can read more about saving with Amazon here.

Amazon Subscribe & Save – This by far is the best subscription service out there. Compared to others it typically has the best prices and the best selection. Plus there’s no need to be a Prime member to use. You can consistently save 5% on every subscription and 15% when you subscribe to 5 or more items. And if you’re a Prime Family member you can save 20% on diapers. You can read more about saving with Amazon here.

Favorite Rebate Apps

Ibotta – This app definitely has allowed me the highest number of rebates of any of the ones out there, mainly because it also allows “any brand” rebates. This means that you can score the rebate on any brand of the type of product it is offering. Plus you can earn extra bonuses and work as a team with your friends to earn more. Earn a $10 bonus by signing up with this link. You can learn more about grocery rebate apps here.

BevRAGE – This is a new one, but so far I LOVE it. The concept of this app is the same as Ibotta, however it allows you to claim rebates on alcohol purchases both in store and at restaurants – you just need an itemized receipt. And so far the rebates are upwards of $1-$2. Plus it offers several “any brand” alcohol rebates and rebates immediately go to Paypal, there is no minimum threshold to meet.

Favorite Gift Card Savings

Raise – While I personally have not had the need to use this service very frequently, even I admit it can be a great way to save extra money. Basically you are able to buy full value gift cards at  discounted rates – some even up to 20%. If you are a frequent shopper of stores that do not have extensive shopper savings opportunities, this is a great way to save extra money without having to do a lot of extra work. You can earn an extra $5 towards any gift card order by using code TALLEN14 at this link.


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