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6. Choose a Couponing Website

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Why Do I need a Couponing Website?

So you’re asking yourself right now, “Why do I need a different couponing website? I thought this was the website I wanted?” Well yes, while this site gives you the strategy for fast couponing in two hours a week, it most definitely does not do the research for you. Basically, you could sit there with your adds and match up all your coupons to find the deals you want to go for.

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Luckily there are websites out there that do all of that for you! Isn’t that amazing?! Seriously though, this is one of the crucial things that will aid you in couponing faster. Think about it – do you want to do all the work yourself, or do you want to look it up on a couponing website? This is why choosing a couponing website is key – and not just any couponing website, but an excellent one.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

In my opinion there is no greater couponing website in all the land than The Krazy Coupon Lady. When I first started couponing, the god’s smiled upon me and allowed me to find this amazing website. Can you tell I love it? I highly recommend you start with this site for a few reasons. 1) It is easy to navigate – the headings make it easy to find what you want. 2) It is well organized – each store is on a separate page. 3) It is easy to understand – all the deals are laid out so that anybody can follow them.

couponing website

KCL Store Tab

I give a more in depth overview of this particular couponing website here, but a few points to mention about KCL. The website features mostly national chain stores. Each store has it’s own webpage with the current weekly ad, matchup deals, their individual coupon policy, how best to coupon at the store, and any other relevant couponing information. Not only that, but there is a separate index of every currently active coupon. This includes newspaper and online coupons. So if you are ever looking for a coupon for a specific product, you can come to this page and search. They even have their own app! This is a fairly recent addition, I’m ecstatic about it. These are the aspects of the site I use the most, but I encourage you to explore the site as there are endless resources available on it.


Here I will give a couple of concrete examples of the type of useful information you will find on KCL. This first photo is an example from the weekly add. Here it is showing the advertisement of Suave Hair Care on sale for $2.50. Below it is showing all of the coupons available to stack with the promotion. In this case there is one coupon available from RP 5/15 and two coupons available online at More than that the online coupons have direct links to the website where they can be printed.

couponing website

This second photo is an example of a specific post outlining a great deal on Wet Ones wipes at Target. It shows the original price of $2.39 and how using each of the specific coupons outlined below it with help you get it for only $0.40.

Other Couponing Websites

Now as much as I love KCL, it is not the end all be all of couponing websites. A simple google search will give you endless options of websites to choose from. Spend a little time looking them over and choosing the site you feel will work best for you. Also, you may find that the stores in your area are more local. The best way to find more localized deals for your area is to search for couponing websites specific to where you live. Overall, you want to be looking for sites that provide you with good information regarding deals and are easy to understand. Otherwise you may just be wasting your time.


couponing website


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