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7. Choose a Couponing Store (or Two)

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Why you should only focus on one couponing store

One of my most valuable pieces of advice when it comes to fast couponing is to only focus on one couponing store, or in essence one store in which you will be couponing at. I quickly learned that trying to get all the deals at all the stores started to take over my life and become very time consuming, which is why I suggest turning your focus to one store (or possible two depending on how much time you decide to dedicate to it). As you become more comfortable and knowledgable about couponing then feel free to try more, but be forewarned, you may start to find it overtaking your life.

Which Couponing Store Should I choose?

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This is a very good question and entirely up to you. Personally I recommend to find the store that offers the most in the way of stacking discounts. I have found my couponing escapades most successful in these types of stores. But of course I also highly suggest that you don’t try to go too far out of your way to try to shop at one of these kinds of stores. You may find your travel time just isn’t worth it. So look for a store reasonably nearby with a decent amount of stacking opportunities. There are many stores to choose from including CVS, Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, and many others.

KCL is a great resource regarding well known couponing stores. If you are trying to decide which store to choose, they have individual sites for each of the stores they focus on. Click on one that interests you and be sure to click the tabs to learn about the ways you can coupon at that specific store. They also have links to their individual coupon policies which will come in handy for you so that you can avoid problems shopping in the store later. You can read more in depth about navigating KCL in this post.

Personally, I have two favorite stores that I coupon at:


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CVS Extrabucks

I’m not going to lie, CVS is my absolute favorite couponing store in the whole world. I talk more about CVS in this post, but for now a few tidbits. I love CVS because they offer so many opportunities for stacking. Other than the usual manufacturer coupon, CVS offers a wealth of store coupons through their ExtraCare loyalty card. Each person is offered coupons based on what they buy. All you have to do is scan your card at an in store coupon machine and voila! you have coupons! Most of these coupons are also available to view online and send straight to your card for redemption at check out. In addition you can sign up for weekly email coupon online which can be used on top of the store coupons. Plus, on top of all of that, they offer Extrabucks or ECBs which is a coupon that prints on your receipt  for purchasing certain items in the weekly ad. ECBs can be used on future purchases like cash – but be forewarned, they expire! Also be aware that the ECBs, store, and email coupons are tied to your specific ExtraCare card and cannot be transferred from person to person.


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Cartwheel App

Even though CVS is my favorite, my husband and I have recently moved to an area where there is no CVS. Noooo! So I come to my second favorite couponing store Target. I’ve mentioned several benefits of couponing at Target already, but for those that are new I’ll talk about them again. Again other than the usual manufacturer coupon, Target offers many different types of store coupons including some in the newspaper inserts marked specifically for Target, printable online coupons, and some store coupons that are available through text and which you upload on your phone or available through the Target app. On top of that Target offers more promotions through their cartwheel app which you scan at the register. And last but not least, certain items in the weekly ad may allow you to receive a Target gift card at the register for any future Target purchase – even online, and unlike CVS can be used by other people. Plus, if you pay with your Target REDcard, you get an additional 5% off any purchase. I provide more information about couponing at Target in this post.

Other Stores

  • Rite Aid – learn about couponing at Rite Aid here.
  • Walmart – learn about couponing at Walmart here.
  • Walgreens – learn about couponing at Walgreens here.
  • Amazon – learn about saving online with Amazon here.


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