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8. Choose a Couponing Day

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Which Couponing Day Do I Choose?

So now that you’ve chosen your store the next step is to choose a day of the week in which you will actually go couponing. When choosing a couponing day there are a few things to consider:

  • What day does the store ad and weekly promotions start?
  • What day does your store restock?
  • What day works best for you?
  • What time of the day is best?

Ideally you want to choose a couponing day that will work well within at least 2 of these parameters.

What day does the Weekly ad start?

couponing day

Target Ad

There are usually two different scenarios here. Either you are planning on couponing at the grocery store or at a larger chain or pharmacy store. Typically new grocery store ads come out on Wednesdays (which may be a reason to subscribe to the Sunday AND Wednesday newspaper – though not always necessary as these days most grocery stores also publish ads online). In this instance the promotions within the ad will run from Wednesday through Tuesday of the specified week. Pharmacy or other chain stores such as Target typically distribute their new ads on Sundays and the promotions will run from Sunday through Saturday of the specified week.

I would suggest to choose a couponing day that falls within 1-2 days of the new ad being distributed. Don’t forget that there are other couponers out there, too, and they may be a little more extreme than you. If you wait too long you may find that all of the products with the really good deals will be out of stock. You have two options in this case. You can either get a raincheck and come back after the promotion is over (assuming your coupons have not expired) or you can find out:

What Day Does your Store Restock?

This is good information to know because sometimes stores restock in the middle of the week which makes more product available again for you to snatch up. It is easy enough to find out by asking a store employee. Again, I suggest shopping at the store withing 1-2 days of restocking. You never know when it will go out of stock again.

Another benefit of knowing this information is so that you can better strategize your store trips. If you have chosen both a grocery store and a pharmacy store, you can coordinate the day you shop based on the ad start day of one and the restock day of the other.

What Day Works Best For YOu?

It’s no secret that we all lead busy lives. So it wouldn’t make sense to set your couponing day on a day that really doesn’t work well for you. The point of fast and two hour couponing is not to make it harder, but to make it easier, so why would you want to try and squeeze it in where it may just lead to more stress in your life? So choose a day where your life is a little less busy and try to make sure it falls within 1-2 days of either the start of the store ad or the store’s restocking day.

What Time of the Day is Best?

couponing day

This component is a little less important than the others. Obviously you will choose a time that works well within your own schedule. But it may be worth it to consider what times are better at the store you have chosen. If at all possible I recommend to shop during low traffic times which are typically earlier in the morning or during the day when people are at work or school. I only say this because it may help make your trip a little less stressful, but if you have to shop after work like a large majority of people, then don’t sweat it. Remember that you don’t have to be like those people on tv who are holding up the line with their 25 transactions. You can organize and plan your trip so that when you get to the register it flows as smoothly and effortlessly as everyone else’s.


couponing day


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