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Get Ready for Prime Day 2017


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This year is‘s 3rd annual Prime Day. This has become an annual online Amazon shopping event with deals to rival that of Black Friday. We can all score some amazing deals so here is how we can prepare and get ready for Prime Day 2017.

When Is It?

Prime Day officially starts July 11, 2017 with some deals available as early as 6pm ET July 10. Specific deals can be watched starting July 9 – up to 24 hours before they are live. Customers can also get exclusive deal reveals by going to starting July 5. Plus, special offers will be available in the days leading up to Prime Day:

  • July 5 – Voice Shopping
  • July 6 – Amazon Music
  • July 7 – Prime Video
  • July 8 – Everyday Essentials
  • July 9 – Reading with Prime

How Can I get the Deals?

First things first, you must be an Amazon Prime member to score the deals. Not a member? Not to worry, you can still sign up for a 30 day free trial and still be eligible to purchase all the exclusive deals.

Next, Amazon suggests downloading the free Amazon App so that you’ll never miss a deal. The app however will allow you to view the upcoming deals 24 hours before they are live and click “watch this deal.” The app will then send you a phone notification when that deal is starting. You can also watch videos here showing more how the app works for Prime Day.  Don have a mobile device? Set up Amazon Assistant on you PC to help you watch for deals.

Amazon will be organizing all their deals by the most shopped for themes so customers can find what they’re interested in faster. And if you happen to miss a deal, you can join the waitlist so if it becomes available again you will receive a notification.

In addition, Prime members with an Alexa device such as the Amazon Echo will have access to exclusive Alexa Prime Day voice shopping deals.

What Types of Deals Can I Expect?

There will be 2 major types of deals. These are Spotlight Deals and Lightning Deals. Spotlight deals will feature top brands and popular items that will last until stock is gone. Lightning deals will be watchable 24 hours ahead of time but will only run for a limited time and with limited quantities. New lightning deals will be available as often as every 5 minutes. Both of these deals can be accessed at

In addition those with Prime Now available in their area will be able to access additional deals that can be delivered in one hour.

Plus, here are a few of the offers that are being featured leading up to Prime Day:

To get more information about Prime Day read the Prime Day Guide. And read here to learn more about the benefits of Amazon Prime. Happy Shopping!


prime day 2017


How to Find Online Coupon Codes with Save Honey


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Do a lot of online shopping? Always looking for the best coupon code? While a lot of sites out there will provide current coupon codes, most of them won’t help you find the best one. Here’s how to find online coupon codes with Save Honey.

What Is Save Honey?

Save Honey is a an online website that provides current coupon codes an sales for various online retail stores. The site encourages sharing of current coupon codes as well as the use of them. Save Honey makes money by receiving a commission on select sales and coupons on their site.

How Does It Work?

save honey

The Target page on the Save Honey website

Save Honey can be used in two different ways. First off, the user can simply go to the website, search for the online store they are shopping at and find any available coupon codes and sales to apply to their purchase. This is pretty much the same as any other coupon code website.

save honey

The Save Honey browser plug-in on Target’s website

Where Save Honey really shines from the competition, however, is the ability to install their plug-in on a desktop browser (currently only available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). This allows users to go straight to the online store they wish to purchase from, and then at checkout the Save Honey plug-in will automatically scan for and apply the best coupon code for the user at the current time. This helps the user find the coupon code that will get them the best bang for their buck without having to do the leg work themselves.

In addition, Save Honey offers an additional rewards and bonuses to their account holders through HoneyGold. On the occasions where the website is receiving a commission from the sale or coupon, many times they will extend a portion of that commission back to the user. The percentage of the commission the user will receive is randomized, and it is received by the user in the form of HoneyGold points. When the user reaches 1000 HoneyGold points they may redeem for a $10 Amazon gift card. Users can activate the HoneyGold bonus through the plug-in on their browser or on the offers page of the website.

Currently, at this time Save Honey does not have a mobile app, but their website indicates that they are working on one for the future.

save honey

The Save Honey plug-in testing coupon codes in checkout

Is It Worth It?

save honey

coupons found with the Save Honey plug-in on the Target checkout page

Considering the fact that there is no cost to use the website or plug-in, I would say yes. Seriously, who doesn’t want the opportunity to find coupon codes they were unaware of to help them save extra money? I know I do.

I will admit, that I don’t always utilize Save Honey as much as I thought. And it doesn’t find me better deals than I already knew about very frequently. But it certainly hasn’t hurt to activate the plug-in at checkout and check. It literally takes less than a minute, and I don’t have to use any coupon code they’ve applied for me. At the very least, the service is an emergency backup for saving money online.


save honey


wedding registries benefits

8 Best Wedding Registries Benefits


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When a lot of couples get engaged they are super excited to register for some free gifts (believe me, I was, too). But what a lot of couples don’t know is that some registries have better benefits than others. Some of these benefits include free gifts, completion discounts, and rewards programs for more free stuff. However, it is in bad taste to register at every single available store. So here are the 8 best wedding registries benefits, in alphabetical order, to help you decide which ones are best for you:

1. Amazon

I know, I know, I talk about Amazon a lot. But it can’t be denied that Amazon is a behemoth in the online shopping world, so why shouldn’t they have a wedding registry feature? I mean they practically have everything else (including a baby registry which you can read more about in this post). Here are a few of the perks of Amazon’s Wedding Registry:

  • A one time completion discount of 20% for Prime members and 10% for everyone else on items sold by Amazon good for 90 days after your event date.
  • 180 days to return any items gifted from your registry and sold by Amazon.
  • A slew of bonus offers and gifts viewable here.
  • The ability to install the Universal Registry Button on your browser to add any item online to your Amazon Registry (not just items available on Amazon).

2. Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Ah, good ole’ Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Practically the leader in wedding registries these days. Who doesn’t know at least 1 person who registered for their wedding there? And for good reason. Check out BBB’s Wedding Registry perks:

  • one 10% completion coupon for both in store and online good for up to 3 months after your event.
  • Hassle free returns on gift items up to 365 days after purchase.
  • Bridal Freebook which offers multiple bonus gifts viewable here. (But don’t forget to redeem. I realized too late after the fact I actually qualified for a bonus gift, oops.)
  • The Rock Your Registry event that occurs in store and provides couples personal consultants to help create or maintain their registry. In addition the event typically provides snacks and a goody bag to take home. (We also did this one and came out with some decent stuff including a set of KitchenAid utensils.)

3. Crate & Barrel

wedding registries benefits

Crate & Barrel’s weeding registry app

I’m not gonna lie, Crate & Barrel was probably my favorite place that I registered at. I mean look at all the neat kitchen stuff they carry! Not to mention my kitchen is now filled with all of their white serving platters gifted to me from my registry (at surprisingly reasonable prices). And while a physical store may not be available near you, couples can still create a registry online. Here are a few other Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry incentives:

  • A 10% off completion discount good for multiple uses for 6 months after your event. (I actually used this to purchase gifts off of someone else’s registry, too!)
  • Easy and convenient returns within 90 days of purchase.
  • A special gift of 2 Crate & Barrel stemless wine glasses when you register in store. (We took advantage of this and received nice quality glasses.)
  • A bonus gift program including more than 14 brands viewable here.
  • A Private Registry Event that occurs in store just for engaged couples to create their registry – and usually includes drinks and snacks.

4. Kohl’s

If you’re already a Kohl’s fanatic, then this may be the registry for you. On top of some already nice discounts and coupons, the Kohl’s Wedding Registry also offers:

  • A 15% off completion offer good for 3 months after your event.
  • Kohl’s everyday Hassle-Free Returns.
  • Free gift offers viewable here.
  • Automatic enrollment in the Ever-After Rewards program that earns you 10% back in rewards on items purchased from your registry.
  • Announcement cards for your guests that include a 20% off $100 in store purchase from your registry.

5. Macy’s

Macy’s is considered one of the best places to register due to their extensive rewards program. Perks of the Macy’s Wedding Registry include:

  • 20% off completion discount on remaining registry items and 10% off on furniture, mattresses, and rugs good for multiple uses for 6 months after your event.
  • Macy’s everyday Return Policy for returns within 1 year of purchase.
  • An exclusive savings packet available in store viewable here.
  • Macy’s Registry Star Rewards that earns 5%-10% rewards on items purchased from your registry as well as purchases you make in store. (Note: this program requires enrollment for the Macy’s store credit card.)
  • Sip and Scan Registry Events that occur in store to help couples create their registry.

6. Target

Again, Target is one of my favorite places to coupon, well and just to shop period. Because who doesn’t love budget-friendly Tarjay? All the more reason to register there, too. The Target Wedding Registry benefits include:

  • A one time 15% completion discount.
  • Easy returns up to a year after your event.
  • A variety of bonus gifts viewable here.
  • The opportunity for group gifting.

7. Williams-Sonoma

Looking for items that are a little more high-end? Williams-Sonoma has your back. Not only that, but the Williams-Sonoma Wedding Registry has some great perks:

  • A 10% of completion discount good for unlimited uses for 6 months after your event.
  • Williams-Sonoma everyday Return Policy.
  • Several bonus gifts viewable here.
  • Gift cards and returned merchandise credit  that are also good for use at West Elm & Pottery Barn (if you’re also into those stores).
  • Automatic entry into a Monthly Sweepstakes to win everything on your registry up to $1000.
  • The Store is Yours event occurring in store for couples to create their registry with assistance and refreshments.

8. Zola

wedding registries benefits

Zola’s Wedding Registry

Zola is a unique online registry website. Couples are able to add items from Zola’s online collection or any other store, as well as a honeymoon fund and unique experiences. Pretty much anything the couple wants to register for. Other benefits of Zola Wedding Registry include:


So which wedding registry are you most excited for?


wedding registries benefits






discounted gift cards on raise

Find Discounted Gift Cards on Raise


Disclosure: This site may receive commissions for products and services purchased through affiliate links in this post. 

If you’re like me then gift cards can be a go to gift item, especially if you’ve procrastinated. Unfortunately the nature of gift cards typically does not allow them to ever be on sale. Bummer. Luckily though there are websites out there that allow consumers to purchase gift cards at a discount. Here’s how to find discounted gift cards on Raise.

What is Raise?

Raise is an online platform that allows both the sale and purchase of discounted gift cards. Users can either sell their unwanted gift cards or purchase the gift cards at a discount. Essentially the site acts as an ecommerce site for people wishing to buy or sell gift cards (sort of like ebay but without the bidding).

How Does It Work?

On Raise, users who wish to sell their unwanted gift cards simply list the card at the price they wish to sell. Once the card is sold, the site takes a 15% commission from the selling price. Purchasing the cards are even easier. Simply purchase any card listed on the site for the listed selling price.

The site offers 3 types of gift cards: physical – you will receive an actual physical gift card; egift – digital gift cards that are only guaranteed to work on online purchases; and vouchers – which are digital vouchers that can be redeemed either online on in store.

Worried that this exchange can leave you high and dry – out of money but no usable gift card? Totally understandable. Luckily Raise offers their users a guarantee, meaning if your gift card doesn’t work they’ll refund you. In turn they hold their sellers responsible by making them liable for any amount of non working gift cards they sell.

Extra bonuses

For added convenience, Raise also offers their own app on both iphone and android. Digital gift cards can be stored in the app for later use.

Raise also frequently offers additional deals on selected discounts through email. These deals typically offer about an additional 3% off any gift card, making your potential savings even greater.

Plus, currently Raise if offering $10 off any $50 purchase on initial sign-up. As an added bonus, use referral code tlallen14 for an extra $5 to spend. If you prefer to sell, new members can earn an extra 5% with code SELLAF10.

Don’t have any last minute gift to purchase? I hear ya. But don’t forget this can be a good method for purchasing discounted gift cards to stores that you coupon at, too. Nothing like saving an extra few percentage points on top of everything else.


discounted gift cards on raise

use deal squad to save money online

How to Use Deal Squad to Save Money Online


Update: As of 3/22/17 Deal Squad Beta has ended and is no longer available. Shedding a tear over here...

When shopping online do you try to find the lowest possible price to score the best deal? I don’t blame you, so do I? But if you’re like me, you sometimes get tired of scouring the interwebs and trying every single combination of coupon codes and shipping to get the best deal. Thankfully, there’s an easier and faster way. Here’s how to use Deal Squad to save money online.

What is Deal SQuad?

use deal squad to save money online

Deal Squad is a neat little feature by the website RetailMeNot. If you are unfamiliar with RetailMeNot, they are a website that congregates currently available coupon codes and promotions for various online retailers to help customers maximize their savings. They operate and earn money through affiliate marketing with these online retailers. Deal Squad is a FREE service RetailMeNot offers to help customers find the currently lowest price on an item they are looking for online.

How Does It Work?

Deal Squad is relatively simple to use. Simply submit a link for the product that you are looking for. You will also submit any important details, your zip code, and email. This is then submitted to the “Deal Squad Agents” to find the lowest price. (Whether they actually use real people to find these deals or some sort of computer algorithm or maybe a little of both is a little uncertain to me. They certainly try to make it look like a real person is doing the work.) In any case, the “Agents” scour the web for the best deal. These deals may include any combination of sale price, coupon codes, discount gift cards, or rebates and include the taxes and shipping costs.

use deal squad to save money online

Deal Squad email

Usually within 24 hours of submitting your request, you will receive an email back from one of the “Agents” giving you the best deal. The deal will include their affiliate link to the product on the retailer’s website (this is how they make money from providing this service for free), any applicable coupon codes, rebates, etc to lower the price, and the total price including tax and shipping. Plus, they will include all the instructions, if necessary, for scoring this deal. Many times they will also offer a secondary deal to the same item, or a deal to an alternately similar item that you potentially may be interested in.

Are There Any Cons?

Sure, just like anything else. The biggest negative that I have found is that sometimes they don’t find a deal on the correct product. For instance, I used Deal Squad to try and find a deal on an Ergobaby 4 postion 360 baby carrier that my sister was wanting for her new baby. In the email I received back one of the potential deals was actually for the regular 3 position carrier – a similar item, but not what I was looking for (and it was not pointed out to be a similar alternatively like they normally will). Other than that, I have not found any other major cons.

Is It Worth It?

I would say absolutely. Considering RetailMeNot offers this service for FREE to anyone, it really doesn’t hurt to at least give it a try. Maybe you find a good deal, maybe you don’t. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase any of the deals they send to you. Plus there is no need to enter any personal information other than your zip code (so they can calculate any potential tax and shipping) and your email (so they can actually send you the deal). They don’t send any spam except for an opportunity to give feedback on their service.

How HaS It Worked For Me?

Considering I’ve only had need to try Deal Squad a couple of times, I would say I’ve had a mostly positive experience with about a 60% rate of success. And while they say they’ll send you an email within 24 hours, I always receive mine within 6 hours or less.

Like I mentioned above, the first time I was looking to save money with an Ergobaby carrier that can be quite expensive. While one of the deals suggested to me was the incorrect product, the second deal was correct and offered a 20% discount with free shipping for a savings of $41. In the end I didn’t end up using the retailer they suggested because they were out of stock on the color I was looking for, but I managed to find the same thing on Buy Buy Baby and use a 20% off coupon they typically offer as well as free shipping to get the exact same deal.

use deal squad to save money online

Deal from Deal Squad

Another time I was looking for a deal for my husband on an expensive Kate Spade purse I wanted for my birthday. The results culminated in a deal on the correct product with a savings of $116.22 from They also recommended an alternative deal on the mini sized version of the same purse from Bloomingdales. Had I been interested in the smaller size, it would have saved an additional $26.56.

Overall, I would totally recommend this service to anyone who likes to shop online, especially on items that have the potential to be very expensive.


use deal squad to save money online