I Tried BzzAgent

What Is BzzAgent?

BzzAgent (pronounced Buzz Agent) is a sample website that allows users to voluntarily participate in word of mouth campaigns about various products in Brazil, Canada, the UK, and of course the US. When a campaign for a particular product is available to the user based on matching profile requirements, the user can opt in to the campaign and receive the product for free in exchange for their review, opinion, and other word of mouth social media activities.

How Does It Work?

BzzAgent is free to join and is open to any person living in one of the regions mentioned above. Upon joining, users are encouraged to complete their profile and answer the available surveys to help match them to available campaigns (that is products available for review). Each survey¬†takes less than 5 minutes to complete (in my experience about 1 minute a piece) so it is not a huge time commitment. Completing surveys and fully completing campaigns also helps boost the user’s BzzScore which in turn helps the user to receive more campaign invites.


The first test campaign they send to all new members

When a user is matched to a campaign they will receive an email invite which they may or may not choose to join. Upon joining, BzzAgent will then send the sample products to the user to test. When the campaign has officially launched, the user has about 8 weeks to complete the campaign activities regarding the product they received. Activities range from product reviews, word of mouth campaigns via facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc., as well as just talking to your neighbor about the product. Completion of activities are rated on the quality of the user’s submission. Typically quality outranks quantity of activities completed (meaning users are not obligated to complete all activities available). Then at the end of the campaign users are asked to fill out a short survey regarding the product.

Users are never obligated or pressured to join any campaign. Also, technically users are not obligated to complete any activity of any campaign they join, however this may prevent them from being invited to any future campaigns. For more info on the finer details see the FAQs here.

Is It Worth Having?


The Barilla Gluten Free pasta I made

This is kinda arbitrary and dependent on the person. If you have no interest in trying free products and samples, then this won’t be for you. If, however, you would enjoy the chance to try new items and spread the word about it, then completing a few activities in exchange for a free item is a pretty small price to pay.

Are there Any Cons?

In the grand scheme of things, not really. Occasionally it can be difficult to purposefully find the time to actually try the product and complete some of the activities. Plus, it is helpful to keep up with the available surveys on the site which takes some extra time every so often. But since a user is always able to pass on any campaign invite, there is a pretty low obligation factor for being a member.

HOw Has It Worked For Me?

So far I have to say I’ve liked it. I joined about 7 months ago and have participated in 3 full campaigns. These have included a Venus razor, Barilla Gluten Free pasta, and Alexia waffle fries. Each campaign has varied somewhat. For instance, the Venus razor campaign required me to write reviews on Amazon but nothing else. With the Barilla Gluten Free pasta, I received a box of goodies including 2 full boxes of pasta, plus a coupon for another free box. And with the Alexia waffle fries, I received only 2 coupons for free bags of waffle fries (this is because they are frozen products) and a handful of discount coupons to disperse to others.


The Venus razor I received, my first full campaign

Overall, it has been easy to test the products and write well thought out reviews and activities. I have been able to easily complete 3-4 social media activities (they usually let you do each one up to 2 times, so I only completed the facebook and twitter ones). The only hardship I came across was with the waffle fries. Due to chance, I received the campaign just as I was starting a diet that would not allow me to actually eat them. Luckily there was one activity that only required me to post a video talking about the fries that I was able to complete. Then once the campaign was over I served the fries at our super bowl party and they were tasty.

I definitely plan on continuing completing any campaign invites I may receive in the future and have fun testing out the products.




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