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I Tried BevRAGE Rebate App

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Update: As of September 2017 BevRage is no longer operational.

What Is BevRAGE Rebate App?

BevRAGE is a new rebate app that allows you to earn cash back on wine, beer, and liquor. Not only that but you can earn from both in store purchases and purchases made at a restaurant or bar.

How Does It Work?

BevRAGE works pretty much like any other rebate app. When you make a purchase you can check to the app to see if it is eligible for a rebate. If so then you can choose to redeem the rebate and submit a itemized (this is important) receipt. Once it’s approved the rebate goes directly to your paypal account. No waiting for any minimums in order to cash out! It’s really that simple.

Is it Worth Having?

bevrage rebate app

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My answer here is a resounding YES! Granted this is my own personal opinion, but I have found it very useful, and it is really my favorite rebate app so far. The reason? Well first of all it’s one of the only apps that allows rebates on alcohol of any kind. And this app definitely provides the most variety, inlcuding “any brand” rebates that will allow you to redeem a rebate on any “domestic draft” for example. Also, the rebates are decent values with most ranging between $1 to $3. This definitely beats $.25 offers from a lot of grocery apps. Best of all, as I mentioned above, there are no minimums to cash out. As soon as your rebate is approved you automatically have it deposited into your paypal account. Plus, it’s completely FREE to use!

Are there any cons?

Well a couple. First off I frequently get notifications that I can’t redeem more than two rebates within 24 hours. If you are buying a lot of drinks then this will be limiting. Secondly it’s kind of a bummer that the offers don’t reappear very quickly once you’ve already redeemed them. Most of the “any brand” offers will reappear eventually. I haven’t figured out exactly how long, but it seems to take at least a week. Even though these things can be annoying, they aren’t exactly unexpected and are on par with other rebate apps.

How Has It Worked For Me?

Overall I’d say the experience has been great. The only slip ups I’ve really had have been remembering to actually get a receipt. I’ve been using BevRAGE for about a month now and I’ve managed to earn back $10 on only 6 redemptions. Each redemption has been worth between $1 and $2. Once some folks we were out with even let me take a picture of their receipt since we had already used the offers that our drinks would have qualified for. In summary I don’t plan on getting rid of this app anytime soon. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who purchases drinks on any kind of basis. You really have nothing to lose. You can learn more about BevRAGE here.


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