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I Tried Amazon Subscribe & Save


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What is Amazon Subscribe & Save?

Amazon Subscribe & Save is’s version of a subscription service. Users may choose a variety of products offered through the Subscribe & Save platform at a further discounted rate beyond what Amazon already offers it’s customers.

How Does It Work?

Essentially Amazon Subscribe & Save is very easy to navigate, and it is not required to be an Amazon Prime member to use this service. Users simply search for products under the Subscribe & Save category and add them to their subscription. Each product subscribed to receives a 5% discount on the normal rate. If a user subscribes to 5 or more products then a 15% discount is applied to each item. Furthermore if the user is an Amazon Prime member and signed up with Amazon Family, they may receive 20% diaper subscriptions. In addition, clippable coupons may be applied to the first purchase of an item should one be available.

Amazon Subscribe & Save is a monthly subscription service. Users may choose a specific date for the items to be delivered. This date can be changed from month to month as long as the items have not already shipped. In addition, users may choose the frequency with which they receive items i.e. every 1 month, 2 months, etc. Plus, if a certain item is not needed that month it may be skipped and added to the shipment for the next month. All items in a users subscription may be deleted and new items added at any time. And the best part? Shipping is FREE!

Is It Worth Having?

For the purpose of this review I signed up for and received Subscribe & Save shipments for 3 months. My verdict? YES! In fact, I will continue to use this service as I feel I need it.

The great thing about Amazon Subscribe & Save is that it can be useful to a variety of different needs. For the person that wants to buy as much as possible online to the mom that just needs diapers, each user is guaranteed at least a 5% discount. This seems particularly useful for those items we buy that do not usually have any kind of significant discount through traditional couponing – such as foods catering to special dietary needs. It is also useful for items that have to be the exact same brand and variety every time that can be hard to stock up on – such as pet food. Plus, from what I’ve found, most of the prices seem to be lower than the grocery store anyway, and when you add a 5%-15% discount on top of that, you have peace of mind that you’re still saving money.

Are there Any Cons?

Amazon subscribe & save

Subscribe & Save site

As with any service Amazon Subscribe & Save does have a few cons. First off, you cannot purchase just any product on the Subscribe & Save platform. Only certain items may be added as a subscription. Plus, you cannot subscribe to any “fresh” items such as meat, eggs and dairy, or produce, but that is for obvious reasons. However, Subscribe & Save seems to have the largest catalog of items for subscription in comparison to most all other subscription services of it’s kind, including Walmart and Target.

Also, many smaller sized items only come in bulk. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’m also willing to bet that most people wouldn’t want to have to buy a 12 pack of lemon juice. I can’t say I blame them, those things do take up a lot of room. However, if you are willing to buy in bulk, you’re cost per item will ultimately be lower.

How Has It Worked For Me?

Like I said earlier, for the purpose of this review I signed up for and received Amazon Subscribe & Save shipments for 3 months. At first the hardest part seemed to be deciding what I was actually going to subscribe to. Ultimately I discovered that the best items that worked for me for specialty groceries that I knew was difficult to coupon for in the traditional way. Each month I made a point to subscribe to at least 5 items so that I could get the 15% discount and maximize my savings.

Here are a couple examples of some of the items I ended up subscribing to. First off, my husband eats a lot of Cliff bars. I know that in the grocery store I can buy a 6 pack for about $6, or $1/bar. On subscribe and save I found 12 pack bars for $10.81 with the 5% discount, making the cost $.90/bar. Or with the 15% discount, the final cost was $9.67 per 12 pack box, or $.81/bar. I currently subscribe to two different flavors to receive every other month so that my husband has some variety in his choices. Similarly I recently discovered lara bars and have been subscribing to those as well.

Secondly, I got really big into pickling over the summer. But pickling require whole mustard seed. I ran into a problem when the cheapest whole mustard seed I could find at the store was only about 2 TBSP and cost nearly $4! Well, after a couple of times of having to do this I thought I’d see if I could find mustard seed on Amazon. Sure enough there it was, and I ended up getting a 5 pound bag for only $15. Now I know that 5 pounds is kinda excessive, but that bag will last me forever, and I will never have to go buy a tiny $4 box of mustard seed again. Plus, I made this a one time purchase and deleted it from my subscriptions the next month. Can you imagine receiving 5 pounds of mustard seed every month?

Overall, I’d say the service has worked well for me and my particular needs, but I feel confident it works well for a variety of needs as well. A couple of other items the service has been useful for me have been lemon and lime juice (yes, I bought the 12 packs, but that also means I don’t have to grab a tiny bottle every time I go to the store). It also has been great for buying larger 5 pound bags of coconut sugar which I have been using a lot for the pickling and paleo baking. Otherwise I can only get a 1 pound bag at the grocery store. Plus, the service’s flexibility is great. This month I decided I didn’t need anything, and so decided to just skip the whole delivery.

Whatever your needs may be, I recommend giving Amazon Subscribe & Save a try and see how easy it is to save money with this service.


amazon subscribe & save

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