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6 Legitimate Grocery Rebate Apps

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What Are Grocery RebatE Apps?

So what is a grocery rebate app you may ask? Well it is essentially a phone app that allows you to upload your grocery store receipt to redeem a rebate, or cash back, for specific purchases that you have made. While they may sound a little too good to be true, here are 6 legitimate grocery rebate apps that may be worth having.

1. Ibotta

grocery rebate apps

Ibotta App

Ibotta is hands down the most popular rebate app out there today. And it’s no wonder either, with 194 supported stores including Walmart, Target, Kroger, CVS, and Walgreens, along with what is probably the most extensive availability or rebate offers out there. You must purchase the item from the specified store, scan the item with the app, and then upload the store’s receipt showing the valid date into the app. The app will only accept receipts less than 7 days old. I have been sure to keep my receipts and browse the app every couple of days and been able to retroactively upload for rebates.

Ibotta also supports a few store’s loyalty cards, such as Reasor’s and Rite Aid. This means you can link your loyalty card with the app, find a rebate, and it will automatically be redeemed when you purchase the item in store with your loyalty card. No worries if you didn’t do it beforehand though as you can always upload your receipt after the fact.

Once you reach a threshold of $20 in rebates then you are able to cash out either through Paypal or with a gift card to a major retailer such as Amazon, Best Buy, or Starbucks. Ibotta also offers special promo codes as well as bonuses for buying certain products or through the joint effort of your friends on the app. The more friends you have participating, the easier it is to earn the teamwork bonuses.

To try Ibotta out for yourself, you can earn $10 for signing up for a new account and redeeming your first rebate at this link.

2. Checkout51

grocery rebate apps

Checkout51 App

Checkout51 is similar to Ibotta, but does not require receipts to come from any specific store. Rebate offers run from Thursday at 12:00am until Wenesday at 11:59pm each week. Receipts must be uploaded to claim offers within this time period each week. Checkout51 sometimes allows to to claim an offer more than once, but a receipt may only be submitted one time. This means that if you have multiple offers on the same receipt then you must redeem them all at the same time. The app also allows you to claim offers from online purchases. In order to do so an itemized receipt must be uploaded.

Checkout51 also has a cash out threshold of $20. Once this is met then a check for the redeemed amount is sent straight to your house. You can also earn extra through bonuses, brand programs and flash offers. I would say this app has fewer offers than Ibotta, but still has some good rebate opportunities. You can take a look at Checkout51 here.

3. MobiSave

grocery rebate apps

MobiSave App

Similar to Checkout51, MobiSave also allows you to submit receipts from any store. MobiSave however requires you to select an offer before you purchase it. You may select them on the app up until the moment you check out, but not after. You may submit receipts for certain offers up until they are expired. Each offer expires 7 days after it is selected. You may also submit itemized receipts from online purchases.

There is no minimum threshold to cash out with this app. After each offer is approved, the rebate is automatically transferred to you through Paypal within 24 hours. While MobiSave has less offers, I can’t complain about being able to cash out immediately. Learn more about MobiSave here.

4. Savingstar

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SavingStar App

SavingStar allows you to redeem offers either through a linked loyalty card or by uploading a receipt. For offers linked to a loyalty card, it must be activated before purchase. For offers that require an uploaded receipt, the offer must be activated the same day the purchase was made. The receipt may be uploaded up to 3 days after the purchase was made. SavingStar only allows receipts from certain retailers listed here and does not allow receipts from online purchases.

The minimum threshold to cash out is $5 and may be redeemed through bank transfer, Paypal, or a gift code to retailers such as Starbucks or iTunes. You can also earn additional rewards through SavingStar online mall by purchasing products through their special promotions. Check out more about SavingStar here.

5. Shrink

Update: As of December 2016, Shrink is no longer operational.

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Shrink App

Shrink offers loyalty programs for the health conscience shopper. Some of these brands include Simply Organic spices and Miracle Noodle. Most of these brands would be found in a store like Whole Foods. You can access each reward program by simply tapping on the brand that you already know or find interesting. You earn points and rewards based on purchases you make within the brand. Once a certain number of points are accrued you can redeem them for coupons, additional rebates, or cash.

The cash out threshold is $20 and may be redeemed through Paypal or Venmo. You can earn additional points by completing small tasks such as watching a video clip or sharing to facebook. you can also earn Shrink exclusive points but uploading any receipt or purchasing their currently promoted offer. This app offers very limited rebates but could be good for those that purchase more organic brand products. I found it helpful myself by discovering the pasture raised eggs brand that we buy. Hey, every little bit helps right?

You can earn 1000 points which is redeemable for $1 by downloading and signing up on the app here and using code OKVGRT.

6. BerryCart

grocery rebate apps

BerryCart App

BerryCart is another rebate app for organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO foods. This app allows you to upload receipts from any store or online with an itemized receipt. Receipts must be uploaded within 7 days of purchase. You can earn rebate values by completed small tasks, such as rating the product and reading facts about it.

You can cash out once you’ve reached $5 in rebates. You have the option of receiving a transfer through Paypal or choosing a gift card from a major retailer such as Walmart or Target. So far I have not redeemed any rebates with this app, but occasionally they offer rebates on fresh fruit and vegetables that are hard to find. You can learn more about BerryCart or sign up here.



Edit: Since first writing this post a new rebate app called bevRAGE has entered the scene. I also highly recommend this app. You can read more about bevRAGE in this post.


grocery rebate apps


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