save on pet supplies

5 Ways to Save on Pet Supplies


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Save on pet Supplies

We all know the costs for caring for and owning a pet can be expensive. Luckily, we can coupon for pet supplies just like we do for groceries and toiletries. It is not uncommon to find pet related coupons in the newspaper inserts and online at sights like These coupons along with the below tips can help us save big. Here are 5 ways to save on pet supplies.

1. Petco Pal Rewards

If you have a Petco in your area, it would be wise to sign up for their Pal Rewards program. Through this program customers can earn 5% cash back on their purchases. This means that for every $100 spent at a Petco, Unleashed,, or, you can receive a $5 coupon good for use in these stores. In addition Petco offers exclusive discounts, coupons, and rewards just for it’s Pal Rewards members. Plus, finish your pet’s online profile and receive a free treat for them on their birthday. Also, customers that have recently acquired a new pet can receive a free care pack in store. These a loaded with valuable coupons on pet supplies.

save on pet supplies

In addition, pet supplies can be ordered online on their websites where frequent savings and coupons are promoted for online orders. Customers can also sign up for repeat delivery on pet items and save up to 20% off the regular item price. Unleashed by Petco offers their own repeat delivery which can save up to 15% off regular priced items. Repeat delivery and any online order also goes towards your Pal Rewards.

While Petco does not have an official coupon policy, they do have a policy regarding price matching. Petco will price match any identical item from a competitor’s store, but will not price match any online retailer or their own websites in store. We also know from customer experience that Petco will accept manufacturer coupons and has a coupon page on their site where customers can find store coupons. Typically Petco will allow stacking a store and manufacturer coupon on an item.

2. PetSmart Pet Perks

PetSmart also offers a rewards program in the form of their Pet Perks. While they don’t offer cash back incentives, they do offer exclusive promotions and coupons to their program members. And of course a free treat on your pet’s birthday. Members can also create customized emails that will alert them when their favorite products go on  sale.
PetSmart has an official coupon policy. Through this they allow store coupons either printed or on a mobile device, manufacturer coupons, as well as competitor’s coupons. In addition, the store will price match in store any competitor’s price on an identical item or online any competitor’s online price on an identical item. The website does not have a coupon page, but discounts has often be found through a simple internet search. Typically PetSmart will allow stacking a store and manufacturer coupon on an item.

3. Amazon Subscribe & Save

Is Amazon your best friend? Luckily through their subscribe and save program customers can save 5% on repeated delivery of pet supplies plus free shipping. Plus if you subscribe to 5 or more items you can save 15%. These items can be all pet supplies or can be a combination of anything in their subscription offering. Not only that but Amazon also offers online coupons specifically for use with the subscription service which include pet supplies. Luckily customers don’t have to scour the online coupons for a match as Amazon will advertise if there is an available coupon on each item in their subscriptions. You can read more about Amazon deals here.

save on pet supplies

Amazon subcribe & save coupon

As an example, a 7lb bag of Hill’s Science Diet Adult Optimal Dry Cat Food is listed at $17.24 on Amazon. By using the 5% subscribe and save discount with the available 20% off coupon, it brings the final price down to $12.93. If we were to subscribe to 5 items, the final price would be $11.20. Compare that to Petco’s repeat delivery which is still $17.24.

4. Membership Clubs

Already have a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club? Or willing to pay the $55 or $49 respective membership fees? Then check out the potential deals for saving on pet supplies. While membership clubs typically do not allow manufacturer coupons, they often will send out store coupons for its members. Don’t want to pay for a membership? Non-members can still shop online and be assessed a 5% surcharge on and a 10% surcharge on In addition, Sam’s Club will allow you to “subscribe” to any item that you purchase online and choose the quantity and frequency of delivery.

As an example on how buying in bulk can help you save, a 32 ct box of Pedigree Dentastix is listed at $16.99 with Petco repeat delivery making it $.53/piece.  On the other hand Sam’s Club has a 62ct variety pack for $19.94 making it $.32/piece, a significant savings. Even with a 10% non-member surcharge, the final cost is $21.93 making it $.35/piece and still worth the savings.

save on pet supplies

Sam’s Club Dentastix deal

5. The Krazy Coupon Lady

To find the best stock up deals in the pet stores and everyday stores like Target and Walmart, is the place to go. First off they have their own page just for deals on Petco and PetSmart. See an example of a Petco deal below.

save on pet supplies

Petco dog food deal

Secondly, you can easily find pet supply deals for all stores through their pet deals page. Here is an example on cat food from Walmart.

save on pet supplies

Walmart cat food deal

You can read more about navigating KCL here.


Through researching this article I found that Amazon subscribe and save consistently had the lowest prices on items that they offered. For example, that Dentastix deal I talked about above? Well on Amazon subscribe and save customers can score a 32 ct box for $7.59 making it $.24/piece, completely blowing the other stores out of the water. Of course, subscribe and save doesn’t offer every product.

You are probably better off purchasing maintenance items like flea treatments from Petco or PetSmart. Both stores offer similar prices, while the membership clubs had significantly higher prices, and Amazon subscribe and save had limited selection.

The best way to save money on pet supplies? Comparison shop. Look online for the lowest prices on items you purchase for your pet all the time, like food and treats. You are most likely to consistently save the most with a subscription service like Amazon, plus you don’t have go to the store every time you need pet food. Good deals can be found at membership clubs in bulk on generic brand food, treats, and cat litter. Shop for flea treatments and other items at Petco and PetSmart to take advantage of member exclusive store coupons. And don’t forget to browse KCL every once and a while to score good stock up deals.

save on pet supplies


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