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5 Reasons To Start Couponing for Baby

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Don’t Overlook Couponing For Baby

For all you parents out there, you may be saying to yourself, “I have a child now, and I don’t have the time I did for couponing anymore.” While I don’t doubt that being a new parent is extremely time consuming, if you coupon for nothing else, you should be couponing for baby items. I mean let’s face it, baby items are E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E. Think about the cost of a pack of diapers and how quickly you go through them. Or formula, or even just clothes. Those kiddos grow like weeds and it’s not long before you have to trudge yourself to the store to grab another pack of diapers, or formula, or a new size of onesies – possibly in the middle of the night. So without further ado, here are 5 reasons to start couponing for baby.

1. REgularly Saving at Least Half on Diapers

couponing for baby

What’s the thing you probably buy the most for your baby? That’s right, diapers. What if I told you that you can save at least half on a pack of diapers on a regular basis? Think about how much you spend on diapers in a month or a year, and then divide it by half. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? And the thing is, it’s pretty easy to achieve. Just as an example, a regular jumbo pack of diapers at CVS cost about $10-$12. On the occasion that I would help coupon for my friends, it wasn’t uncommon for me to score the pack for only $4-$5 instead. Even you can admit that’s a pretty significant savings. And unless you are saving money by using cloth diapers, this alone should be enough to convince you. Read more about the best places to coupon for diapers here.

2. Weekly Posts On Baby Deals

Couponing for baby

KCL Baby Supplies Roundup

Again, our mantra here is about fast couponing. And I get it, a lot of parents are limited on time and aren’t always scouring the ads for good deals. Well you’re in luck because my favorite site KCL puts together a weekly list of baby deals at major retailers called Baby Supplies Roundup. And this list ALWAYS includes diapers. The list also frequently includes deals on formula, bath products, and other baby essentials. The list is put together at the beginning of every week once the new weekly ad deals are posted by the retailers and released to KCL viewers. This list and other relevant baby deals can be found at KCL at this link.

3. Amazon Price Matching

For those larger items that are one and done, like cribs or stollers, Amazon price matching is the way to go. Many retailers these days will match Amazon’s price, and this includes Target, Walmart, and Toys R’ Us/Babies R’ Us. KCL has a great post here about Amazon price matching at different stores and how it works. But the basic gist of the idea is using the Amazon app to scan the item in store. If a lower price is offered on Amazon, you can take both to the customer service desk to get Amazon’s price. Easy peasy, right?

4. Online Subscription Services

So maybe you don’t want to get out and go to the store, and you want to spend as little time shopping as possible. Well, you can still save money by using online subscription services from Target and Amazon. With Target Subscriptions you can save 5% plus free shipping on every item you subscribe to. Plus if you pay with your REDcard, you save an additional 5%. Along with these benefits you can manage everything online, change your shipping schedule, and make easy returns online or in store.

With Amazon Subscribe & Save you save 5% on any item you subscribe to. If you subscribe to 5 or more items each month you can save 15%. Plus if you sign up with Amazon Family as part of the Amazon Prime membership, you can save 20% on diapers. Amazon Family also includes benefits with a baby registry, free welcome kit, and exclusive deals. All this plus free shipping, online account management, and you can cancel anytime.

5. Baby Registry Benefits

If you are soon to expect a new little one, don’t skimp on creating a baby registry. Even if this is your 6th child. Most registries including Target and Amazon offer a welcome pack that includes coupons, freebies, and samples. Babies R’ Us offers a rewards program based on the items purchased through your registry. Plus they offer completion discounts that can be used towards any items that you still might need. If you’re smart, you may try using Amazon price match with your completion discount to get more savings ;-). Plus, don’t underestimate the fact that friends and loved ones may still want to get you a gift.

For more couponing for baby tips, KCL has a great video on some of the best ways to save on baby items here.


couponing for baby

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