benefits of target redcard

5 Benefits of Target REDcard


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Are You Pawning a Store Credit Card on Me?

Well yes… and no. Believe me, I do not advocate store credit cards by any means. I personally stay away from them for a very good reason that I think the majority of people already know. They have high APR’s, mess with your credit if you apply for too many or don’t pay, usually don’t really give you any savings unless you shop at that store A LOT, and can be a hassle to keep up with when paying your bill. But REDcard is different because…..

1. It’s Available As A Debit Card

That’s right. Target offers it’s REDcard in the form of a debit card (as well as a credit card). That means no hassle, no interest rates, and no separate bills. In fact the card is linked directly with your checking account and payment is withdrawn immediately with a pin number just like with your regular debit card. You can even withdraw up to $40 from the cash register during check-out. As far as I’m aware Target is the only store to offer it’s store card in debit card form. Honestly, if more stores did this, I might actually participate in their store card programs more often. While I can understand anyone who might have concerns with paying with debit or having a card linked directly with their bank account, I have not had any problems with it in the 2 years or so that I’ve had it. But of course, being a debit card isn’t the only reason I have it. It would be useless unless it had some other store benefits such as…

2. 5% Off Every Purchase In-Store and Online

And by every purchase, I mean EVERY purchase. It could be on clearance and you’ll still get 5% off when paying with your REDcard. Though with everything there are a couple of reasonable exceptions. For instance you can’t get 5% off your prescriptions, optical, or gift card purchase, any money you withdraw from your account, or any shipping charges from This is the benefit right here that really makes it for me. This in combination with the debit card aspect means I save 5% off my purchase that I would have bought anyway without the worry of interest rates or forgetting to pay my bill.

3. Free STandard Shipping

Anytime you make a purchase on with your REDcard you automatically get free standard shipping – on top of the 5% discount. Normally Target’s threshold for free shipping is at least $25. This can be a great benefit for those of us that like to shop online. Who wants those shipping charges? You could order the tiniest travel bottle of shampoo and shipping would still be free. Of course if you upgrade your shipping, it will no longer be free. Target also has added an exception starting 9/19/16 that shipping charges may apply to items that require special handling.

4. 30 Extra Days to Return Items

Target allows any item purchased with REDcard an extra 30 days to be returned to the store. This includes in store or online purchases. The normal return policy is 90 days for new and unopened items to be returned for a refund or exchange. With REDcard you have 120 days – about 4 months. This can come in handy if you’re like me and procrastinate and then forget. Again there are a couple of exceptions that include items that are deemed as “non-returnable” and items that have a fixed return date.

5. Stacking Discounts

That’s right, you can apply the 5% REDcard discount to transactions where other coupons, discounts, or gift cards have also been used. This includes manufacturer coupons, Target store coupons, cartwheel discounts, and special purchases in which you will receive a gift card. The 5% will be discounted off the final balance after all coupons, discounts, and gift cards have been applied.


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benefits of target redcard

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