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10 Ways to Save Online with Amazon

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You Can Save Online, Too

On a tight schedule? Don’t have time to run out to the stores to coupon? Or jut don’t want to get out of the house? No worries because in this technological age you can buy everything on the internet and still reap significant savings. Here are 10 ways to save online with Amazon.

1. Two Words – Amazon Prime

Now you may be saying, “But I have to pay for Amazon Prime.” And yes, that is true, but at $99 a  year for a membership, that equates to only $8.25/month, and I bet you can save more than that just with the free shipping it offers. Despite the fee, Prime memberships can be gifted, so why not ask for one as a gift? With a Prime membership you get free 2 day shipping, free access to Amazon’s video streaming servicemusic streaming service, and ebooks, unlimited photo storage, and 30 minute early access to Amazon Lightning Deals.

Along with all of these benefits, Prime memberships give subscribers access to other services for free or a discounted rate. These include Prime Pantry and Prime Family which I will talk more about below. Still not convinced? You can still give a try for free with a 30 day free trial. And students can get a 6 month free trial and $49 discounted membership with Amazon Prime Student.

2. Amazon Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is Amazon’s grocery delivery service offered exclusively to Prime members. For a flat fee of $5.99 a month in addition to the cost of the items you purchase, you can have a box of up to 45 lbs of non-perishable pantry items delivered to your door. You can save online with Amazon Prime Pantry by using their online coupons usually displayed next to the item, save your time, save money on gas, pay less in sales tax by shopping online, and save on items that don’t make sense to buy in bulk. You can also price compare with Amazon Subscribe and Save service, which I describe below, to make sure you are getting the best price. In addition, by choosing no-rush shipping on any other Amazon purchase with a Prime membership, you can receive a $5.99 Prime Pantry credit which covers the cost of shipping!

3. Amazon Subscribe and Save


Subscribe and Save is Amazon’s once a month subscription service for non-perishable items. There is no enrollment fee involved and can be canceled or modified at any time. By subscribing to an eligible item you can save 5% on the item plus free shipping. If you subscribe to 5 or more items then the savings goes up to 15%. Plus by being a member of Prime Family you can save 20% on diaper subscriptions. Also, like Prime Pantry, Amazon offers coupons on select items that can be stacked onto the subscription savings you are already receiving.

4. Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash is a new service that Amazon is offering exclusively to Prime members. It’s a little wifi enabled button that works in conjunction with the Amazon app. The button can be placed anywhere in your home for a specific item. When you are running low on that item, you press the button and the item is automatically ordered for you to be delivered before you run out. Currently the buttons are $4.99 each. Amazon will give you a $4.99 credit on your first push.

Users do have to be careful in that while this is convenient, Prime prices may fluctuate and so you will not always get the best cost. If you want to use this service to save money it is best on items in which the cost stays relatively stable and is lower than the store or other Amazon services. Currently this product is still somewhat in beta mode for Amazon. It is possible they will continue to make adjustments to how it works. Personally I think it could work great in conjunction with Prime Pantry or Subscribe and Save though it doesn’t currently.

5. AmAZON Today’s DealS

save online with amazon

Percent Off Discounts

Every day Amazon offers significant savings on various items on their Today’s Deals section of their site. These include Lightening Deals and Deals of the Day. Lightening Deals are available for 4 hours or until all of the available quantities have been claimed. If you are a Prime member you get 30 minute early access to Lightening Deals. Deals of the Day are available for that day only, and if they get sold out you have the option of being added to the wait list and still potentially scoring the deal. In addition, you can browse and filter by sales and percentage off discounts. If you don’t want to sit and search for all the deals, you can subscribe to Amazon’s daily deals email.

6. Amazon Outlet

Outlet is Amazon’s section of it’s site where users can find discounts on marked down items, clearance items, and overstocked items. This is where Amazon will house discounted deals on popular item categories.

7. Amazon Warehouse

Warehouse Deals offer discounts to users on open box and pre-owned items. If you aren’t picky about an item being used or the box having been opened and returned, you can score some deeply discounted priced here. For instance you could score a used 6″ Kindle Fire for only $38.

8. Amazon Same Day Shipping

save online with amazon

Amazon Prime is now offering FREE Same Day Shipping in select metro areas and these areas are likely to be expanded. If you are a Prime member, not only do you get the standard free 2 day shipping, but if you spend $35 on qualifying items and are in one of the select areas, you can get free same day shipping. This means that if you order before noon, you can have your package delivered by 9pm. If you order in the afternoon or evening you’re package will be delivered next day. You can find qualifying items by using the Prime Free same day filter in search. If your order is under $35, Prime members must pay $5.99 for shipping. Shipping for non-member starts at $9.98.

9. Amazon Prime Now

save online with amazon

Prime Now Cities

Currently Amazon is also offering Prime Now exclusively to Prime members. Similar to free same day shipping, Prime now offers household items, essentials, gifts, and seasonal items with FREE 2 hour delivery or 1 hour delivery for $7.99 in select cities. In addition they are also offering free 1 hour restaurant deliveries and local store delivery in further select cities.

10. Amazon Apps

save online with amazon

Amazon Shopping App

Of course like any popular website these days Amazon has a variety of apps for all of their services. These apps include the Amazon shopping app, Amazon Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Now, Kindle, Amazon Photos, and Amazon Fresh. These apps are available via iTunes for Apple products and Google Play and Amazon for Android products as well as the Microsoft Store for Windows.






save online with amazon

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